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Friday 2 March 2018

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Linking Aadhaar to your Paytm account

According to RBI rules it is mandatory to provide KYC norms in every digital wallet that you use. Thus if you are using a PayTM account, you now need to authenticate it with an Aadhaar card details to complete the KYC process.

Why it is required to Link Aadhaar with Paytm and Key Benefits

- It is mandatory under RBI rules. Earlier it was believed that for small transactions or for limit below Rs 10,000 - one can do without KYC. However now KYC is a must irrespective of limits.

- Allowing Aadhar linking allows you to increase your Paytm wallet limit to as high as 1 Lac rupees

- Once linked it becomes easy for you to open an account with Paytm payments bank


One needs to visit the nearest KYC center that Paytm has facilitated for this and then complete the given process. Alternately you can do it from the app too. On the app you will come across a KYC icon and follow the given steps to complete the process

Details about how to link your Aadhaar Card with Paytm can be found on Paytm site too. Visit to Know More.

Note: In case of any doubts - please contact Paytm customer support

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