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Wednesday 7 February 2018

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UIDAI cautions against using Plastic or laminated Aadhaar card

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has mentioned that printing Aadhaar cards in an improper manner or getting them on plastic cards can proved to be counterproductive.

UIDAI has said that unauthorized printing of Aadhaar Card can possibly lead to compromise of personal sensitive information. Further it could mess up that data pointers in the QR code.

The notice has been brought forward owing to fact that several shops and vendors are selling Aadhaar card printouts on PVC or plastic card and are charging a whooping sum of money - upto even Rs 300 for a single printout. 

UIDAI clarifies that M-Aadhar or even a printout on a simple paper is completely valid and as citizens to avoid such shops/sellers 

The statement from UIDAI goes on to clarify that in case a person loses his printout copy of Aadhaar card, he can go the UIDAI site and download and print a duplicate copy for free

To read the detailed press release from UIDAI site please visit here

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