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Friday 19 January 2018

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Is Aadhaar Card Necessary for Non Resident Indians – NRIs

Not all the Non-Resident Indians have to apply for the Aadhaar card as per the Supreme Court. Only the ones who have • Resident bank accounts in India or willing to open one • Indian Sim Card All the banks have been clarified on quoting of NRI Aadhaar numbers. Those NRI’s having non-resident bank account is still exempted to quote Aadhaar. Other than this, any individual having non-resident status must not have a resident bank account and if present cannot continue the services anymore. Option for them is to convert their accounts to non-resident ones. This is the policy for banking operations. However it is strongly advised that NRIs choose to voluntary enroll themselves in the Aadhaar program as it would become the cornerstone of a host of services.

Also, any NRI holding a sim card of India or willing to get one need to quote the Aadhaar number failing which sim would get blocked as per the policies. What is the process of getting Aadhaar card for NRI? 1. Go to the official website of UIDAI 2. Get the online appointment or you may also visit the nearest centre if possible 3. Birth Certificate, PAN card, and resident proof are the documents which you need to carry along with Aadhaar application form. 4. Biometric details would then be acquired as a necessary process You will get a slip as acknowledgement which can be used to check Aadhaar status online and once the process is complete, you can download the card from the official website.
is aadhar card necessary for nris
You can download the card either through Aadhaar number or enrollment number and OTP/TOTP verification is required. OTP is the service where you get random numerals on your registered mobile which is used as a password. TOTP is a service that also generates random numerals automatically after 30seconds. The only difference is latter one is available on mobile application and you need not to ask everytime for the password by clicking on ‘get OTP’. You can get it anytime on your mobile.
Aadhaar card for NRIs

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