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Tuesday 23 January 2018

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Benefits of Linking up Aadhaar with LIC Insurance plans

Aadhar today has been mandated as the defacto means of identification and same has been extended to insurance plans from Life Insurance Corporation of India or LIC. If you are still contemplating the advantages or disadvantages of linking LIC insurance plans with Aadhaar here are few reasons for you to do so

Fraud Prevention

If you link your Aadhar card with LIC insurance plans - there is a huge chance that you would be able to reduce any incidents of fraud or impersonation done by malicious individuals. Linking Aadhaar with LIC is very easy and can be done by visiting LIC site

Access Premier Services

The LIC Portal offers Premier services to those who verify their KYC. Linking with Aadhaar card is the surest way to achieve the same.

Apply for Online Loan

Against some policies, LIC offers it customers to avail loan options. Now there is an option to avail loan online too. However to do that one needs to have Premier service registration done and thus Linking with Aadhar card is a necessary corollary.
Linking Aadhar card with LIC insurance


LIC is by far the  most trusted insurance brand in India and huge number of Indians use Term and Equity linked plans of LIC to secure the future of their loved ones in the case of emergency. If you have a LIC Policy - please do go ahead and Link it to Aadhaar - not just because it is mandated by the goverment - but also because it will help in securing your policy from incidents of fraud and allow you exercise premier service options

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