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Sunday 21 January 2018

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Face Recognition Feature to be activated in Aadhaar Card

During Aadhaar enrollment, iris scan was performed and fingerprints were taken which became one of the authentication methods along with OTP (One Time Password). Likewise, another layer of security is soon going to arrive and that is ‘Face Authentication’.

There is no need to visit any centre or any kind of formalities needs to be done to make this happen. The database is already prepared for Aadhaar holders and would be soon implemented.

Another featured lined up is ‘biometric lock’ that enables any user to lock/unlock or disable his/her locking system. One can avail this feature through official mobile application or website. App/website is again authenticated and user needs to enter his/her details to get through it.

Seems like layers of identification, verification and validation are required now to get one piece of information. All this scenario seems to be secured and we just hope it is immune to any harm as well. By linking our Aadhaar cards through every single bit of identity that we have is actually modest and threat both. In anticipation of all the current news, we are expecting strong protection layers from the government side. Along with this, Aadhaar card basically targets the digital world and nobody is spare to the hacks this technology has. Due to all these possible reasons, citizens are actually not coming forward to link the card and take all the benefits. Awareness is completely a different scenario when one is not willing to avail it.

What we need right now is to be a little bit lenient on government and follow all the guidelines that have been set. This is a two-way affair and we cannot expect development until we, as a citizen participate and contribute to it.

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