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Sunday 7 January 2018

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5 Tips on Securing your Aadhaar Card Data and preventing Fraud

Aadhaar Card Data (essentially the Biometric Data) is safe despite media reports.  To help you protect your Aadhaar Data and avoiding misuse - we have provided 5 easy steps.

1. Do NOT Share your Aadhaar Number over Phone or Email

Yes this as simple as this - Do NOT SHARE AADHAR Data over phone or email - Unless you can verify you are dealing with an authorized representative.

Banks - Telecoms would never ask Aadhaar number over phone. In case you find such a request - contact the respective agency/organization - double check before you share the data

2. Do Not Leave copies of your Aadhaar Card on Photo copy shops or give them to unauthorized people

This is pure common sense - never leave copy of your Aadhaar card unattended or give it to unauthorized people.

3.Do Not Enter Aadhaar Data on Unreliable websites

Again do not enter your Aadhaar data on any site just because it is offering a discount or it looks like a genuine site

4. Avoid Phishing Attacks - Sites that look like Bank sites or click on spurious email links

Sometimes you may get an email which contain a malicious link that opens up a bank page. Check the authenticity of the Link ( check for Green Lock icon in the address bar). Recheck you bank site.
Never click an email link and then place a data on  a bank site(it can be duplicate website looking similar to your bank site.

To visit your bank website  - and then enter the correct bank URL(website address)

5. Block your Biometric data

It is very easy to Block your Biometric data on UIDAI site. If you are not looking to verify Aadhaar data in near future - place a temporary Lock on the data via the UIDAI site

Visit  to activate lock on your Biometric data

If you have any issue with security of your Aadhaar data - contact the official government helpline of UIDAI. You can write to them at

Lock or Unlock Biometric Aadhaar card data using UIDAI site

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