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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

UIDAI CEO: We don’t even share Aadhaar Data with the Government

UIDAI CEO: We don’t even share Aadhar Data with the Government
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Recently during an interview, with Ajay Bhushan Pandey who is the CEO of UIDAI, he claimed that the department doesn’t share any aadhaar data of any user with the government.
Ever since the initial launch of aadhaar people have been speculating and criticising the plan to be a contradiction of the legislative rights of Indian democracy.  And when the supreme court passed the law for all Indian citizens to link their aadhaar with all the other significant document in the country, like PAN card, Ration Card, bank account etc, people felt insecure, as this sensitive data can be hacked into easily.

But we have to say that, UIDAI’s CEO statement does give us assurance that our data is in responsible hands, who are protective about the privacy of each individual. 

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