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Thursday 9 November 2017

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Now No Aadhaar, No Insurance

Now No Aadhaar, No Insurance
Link your Aadhaar card with your Insurance policy before 31st December, 2017

Yes, the government is now tracking your insurance policies and has directed the people to link their aadhaar cards with their insurance policies.

It has been made mandatory for insurance companies to link their customers’ id and policy number with the aadhaar card of every individual. This would help the government in keeping a track of how many policies are being issued in the name of a user.

However, this can impose a difficult logistical challenge in front of insurance providers. Recently Supreme Court also asked banks to spread knowledge and prevent the citizens from panicking over this linking. The implementation of these new rules everyday is confusing and frustrating the citizens. Now, we believe the government need to come up with a better plan using which the users are able to link all their account with aadhaar at once.  

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