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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Government to open 542 Aadhaar Card Centers by 31st December

Government to open 542 Aadhaar Card Centers by 
31st December

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has recently shared his plan on opening 1 aadhaar card center for every 10 bank branches in located in the country. He has announced that the government will be opening 542 aadhaar card centers across the country by the end on this year.

He also demanded that all 32 lakh NREGA employees to link their bank account with their aadhaar card before 31, December 2017. Currently only 24 Lakh NREGA workers have linked their aadhaar with their bank accounts.

The government has also prompted banks to create a digital interface for users to link their aadhaar card with their bank account on their own using their net banking account. Or just submit your aadhaar card copy with your bank account and your bank officials will link your bank account and aadhaar. 

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