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Monday 16 October 2017

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How to Link Rashan Card with Aadhaar Card

How to Link Rashan Card with Aadhaar Card

Now Indian government has made it mandatory for Indian citizens to link their rashan card with aadhaar card if they wish to continue with the benefits of buying grocery at a lower price than the market.
The debate over whether it is safe to link aadhar card with PAN card and bank accounts have not been over yet and the government is out with another announcement which demands Indian citizens to link their aadhaar card with rashan card.
Rashan Card was initially issued to for all households, against which these households were issued grocery, food grains, fuel etc at a nominal price because of its subsidized rate.  Rashan Card was also seen as an identity and resident proof, which was used for the onset of other documents like PAN cards and Passports. 

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Why Should You Link Your Aadhaar Card With Your Ration Card?

The government has made it clear that it Indian citizen need to link their aadhaar card with their rashan card else they will be unable to use all the benefits of the rashan card.
This will allow the government to track of the individuals who are using their rashan card. And the government can use this data to prevent individuals from obtaining multiple ration cards. This will also help the people in tracking down the corrupt individuals in the society.
There have been multiple instances in the past, where individuals were caught using multiple fake rashan card to buy grocery at a subsidized price, and then selling it outsized to gain more profit. Not only this was creating a shortage of the stocks in the rashan store but they were also taking away the legal right from the unprivileged section of the society by consuming their food for their own benefits.
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Benefits of linking Aadhaar with Ration Card

One of the most crucial benefits of linking aadhaar card with this standardized identification proof is that it will eliminate all the fake ID holders from taking advantage of this government scheme.
Initially, Rashan card scheme was launched keeping in mind the financially weaker section of the society. The government wanted to ensure that every citizen is able to get at least two meals, with their minimum wage page.

Steps to Link Aadhaar Number with Ration Card

Step 1: Go to the official website of UIDAI (
Step 2: Now enter all the details asked in the form.
Step 3: Complete and insert the details in all the fields including your rashan card number. (LPG connection, Pension etc)
Step 4: Next users need to enter their contact information with their 12 digit aadhaar card number. Now submit these details.
Step 5: Users will receive am OTP on their linked mobile number, which they need to end the blank given on the screen for verification purposes.
Step 6: Click on Submit and send the seeding request.

Note that the users will be updated about the linking status as soon as the accounts are seed. It can take between 1 to 3 working days to seed your aadhaar and rashan card.

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