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Tuesday 17 October 2017

No Aadhaar, No Rashan.

No Aadhaar, No Rashan.

A Jharkhand girl starved to death because her rashan card was not linked to her aadhaar card.

This is rather unfortunate and shameful news for the nation. Recently an 11-year-old girl died in Jharkhand as her family was refused to purchase from a rashan center, using their rashan card as their aadhaar card was not linked to her rashan card.
However, this dreadful news doesn't end here, this poor girl starved for months and have finally died. This raises a lot of question on the authorities as well as norms which are being passed for the aadhaar card.

rashan card

According to recent guidelines passed by the Supreme Court, Indian citizens are not allowed to use their rashan card if they are not linked with their aadhaar card. However, several activists have come up to point out that these beneficiaries have been set up for the welfare of the financially unprivileged sector of the society and shouldn’t be denied access to.

The young girl has been identified as Santoshi Kumari who lived in Simdega district of Jharkhand. According to the reports, her family’s rashan card was canceled by the government as their aadhaar card was not linked to it.

And with the recent school holidays during Durga Pooja, the young girl didn’t have access to mid-day meals. With barely any food getting in her body for eight days, the poor child starved to death, all because of a rashan card which was not linked with an aadhaar number.

Santoshi Kumari died on 28th September in her village called Karimati. With no job or a steady flow of income in her family, they were eligible to use the subsidized ration according to the National Food Security Act. But it seems like this act was not able to save the young girl.

CM, Raghubar Das has expressed his sorrows with the family and has also demanded a proper investigation and a report within 24 hours. He was to ensure whether they were denied access to their rashan for months, and the cause of their rashan card cancellation. He also addressed that unfortunate incident, saying that officers should ensure that this is not repeated.

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