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Wednesday 4 October 2017

How To Perform Aadhar Card Update

How To Perform Aadhar Card Update

The Aadhar card is one of the most crucial documents for Indian Citizens as it provides a unique id proof which contains the demographic and biometric details of a citizen. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), an authority established on 12th of July 2016 by the Indian Government to help citizens with the details and other utilities of Aadhaar card.
UIDAI has an interactive online web portal through which Aadaar cardholders can perform Aadhar card update. It’s important to understand the importance of aadhaar based identity and why all the details on Aadhaar should be correct. If there are any wrong details on Aadhaar card, the cardholder might not be able to avail all the services which government provides. If you have an aadhaar card, make sure all your details are correct and true to your knowledge.

aadhar card update
Steps to Make Aadhar Card Update
  • The government has opened the options of linking of Aadhaar card with PAN card, voter ID, contact number, etc which could be done by navigating to the official web portal. The blog will further shed light on the ways through which Users can perform aadhar card update.
  • Users can go for offline as well as online ways. UIDAI proves the Aadhar card holders its services to update it online. Go to their official site and under Aadhar card Update, click on the option of ‘Update Aadhar Details (Online)’. This option can be used to update your Name, address, Gender details, Date of Birth, Email and Mobile numbers. The web portal would redirect you to a new page which will briefly explain the process and other details. Mobile Number is mandatory to perform Aadhar card update because UIDAI will send an OTP for confirmation.
  • In the next step, users are required to click on the option ‘Click here’ at the bottom of the page. It will further redirect the user to a 4 step window. It will ask the Aadhaar number and a text verification code to generate an OTP. Once the OTP is entered correctly users can request for data update. Users can send scanned documents via a web portal for further processing. So after following all these steps, users have to wait for a few days. They can, however, track the Aadhar card update online
  • There are offline ways too if some users wish to update details on Aadhar card. They can do so by requesting through a post. To do so they have to download the correction form from the web portal. Users can also visit their nearest enrolment center and get it updated by providing them reasonable documents required for correction. These are the offline ways to perform Aadhar card update.
aadhar card update

Offline Aadhar Card Update
With more than 99% of Indian population getting registered on Aadhar, it’s advised to utilize the government service to its full use. It’s the duty of citizens to carry an updated aadhaar card with correct details.

Aadhar card users can also perform aadhar card update using an offline method.
This requires users to visit their nearest aadhar card center. We recommend users to visit the same aadhar card center, in which they registered before to fasten their update process.

Note: Users need to carry their existing aadhar card, with some of their government issued supporting documents which can act a valid proof for the information that the user wants to update.
Documents required for Offline Aadhar Card Update:
1. Passport
2. PAN Card
3. Ration Card
4. Voter ID
5. Driving License
6. Government Photo ID Cards
7. NREGS Job Card
8. Photo ID of Recognized Educational Institution
9. Arms License
10. Photo Bank or ATM Card
11. Photo Credit Card
12. Pensioner Photo Card etc.    

Time taken for Aadhar Card Update
Usually it can take around 10-15 days for an aadhar card to update. This however depends on the information that the user intends on updating. If a user is using an online procedure to change his/her email or photo, the update will be initiated in a few days. However, if he/she trying to change any significant information like, his/her name or address, through offline or online procedure. The whole process can take 3-4 weeks, as it requires the government to go through the whole information change and verification.

aadhar card update
Checking Aadhar Card Update Status
There are simple ways using which aadhar card user can check their aadhar card update status.
  • Online (Through UIDAI’s Official Website)
  • Post
  • Mobile (via text or Call)

Online (Through UIDAI’s Official Website)
Note: You can only use online method if you have a registered your mobile number with your aadhar card. Users, who have updated their mobile number, will also so be unable to use this method. Aadhar verifies its users through a One-Time Password procedure, which is sent to the user registered mobile number.
Step 1: Go to the official aadhar card website.
Step 2: Select Check Status under Aadhar Update. The website offers two different Check Status options for users who updated their information using online and offline procedure.
Step 3: Enter the URN (Update Request Number), which is generated at the time of when the users enters his/her update request. Also, enter all the other details on the Update page and press enter.
Step 4: Your aadhar card update status will display on the screen.

aadhar card update
Users who update their aadhar card, at an aadhar card center can request for a postal update from the officials, who will notify them as soon as the user information is updated.

Aadhar Card Check via Mobile
Call - Users can contact UIDAI’s helpline care service and call aadhar card officers via a phone call on their tool free number 1800-300-1947. User’s just need to fill in the executive with their aadhar number and their update request number and they will notify you about your update status.
Message – Users can also check their update status, using their text service. Just type UID STATUS <Your Enrollment Number> and send it to 51969.

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