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Sunday 8 October 2017

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How To Lock The Bio Metrics Of Your Aadhar Card

Aadhar has become one of the most crucial and significant identity proofs for the citizens of India. With the digitization of identity system and increasing case of cyber cases across the globe, it’s natural to get a bit skeptical regarding the security of personal data. Although there are no officially announced leaks none of the systems in the world are impregnable.

Aadhar is a 12 digit unique number which contains and stores the demographic and biometrics data of citizens. Biometrics data include the fingerprints, iris and facial recognition which are unique for every individual. Biometrics data holds a great significance and that is why to ensure the utmost safety of Aadhar Cardholders, UIDAI has introduced a feature to lock the biometric information thus preventing any misuse and identity theft.

Once the biometrics data is locked the information can’t be tracked or used anywhere. It will, however, restrict the users from using biometric data for any kind of authentication but it can be unlocked again.

Here are a few simple steps that one can follow to safely lock their Biometrics of Aadhar Card.
Open the official web portal of UIDAI. Users can select the option of ‘Lock/Unlock Biometrics’ under Aadhaar services tab.

A new page will open where users need to enter their Aadhaar number and a security code. It will generate an OTP which users will receive on their registered cell number.
After entering the OTP, you can easily select the option of locking or Unlocking of Biometrics.
This is the simple way to secure your biometrics data.


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