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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Newborn Kid Gets An Official Aadhaar Card Just 5 Minutes After His Birth

Newborn Kid Gets An Official Aadhaar Card Just 5 Minutes After His Birth

There is no doubt about the rise in the popularity of Aadhaar, it appears like offer the past year, aadhaar has taken over every other identification document authorized by the government in the country.

Recently in Osmanabad, Maharashtra on 24 September, a newborn girl named Bhavna Santosh Jadhav, became the first Indian, whose aadhaar was officially made just a few minutes after her birth. It appears like people are getting serious about the document, and want to make sure that their newborns are legally registered by the government.

Interesting thing is that, her parents were so eager to get her aadhaar that they downloaded a online copy of her birth certificate, to generate her aadhaar card as soon as possible. She received her aadhaar before her parents even applied for her birth certificate.
Her father made sure to enroll for her aadhaar number just after 5-6 minutes of her birth, on Sunday last week. This is one of the rarest cases in the country, which is an inspiration to all those who are yet to register for aadhaar card.

The girl was born in Osmanabad district at a women’s hospital at 12:03 PM, and at 12:09 PM, he already had an aadhaar number. Thanks to UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) amazing online service this was possible.

Radhakrushna Game, Osmanabad’s District Collector took pride in the achievement and shared his joy and appreciation for the family. He also praised the family for being an inspiration to all parents to register their kids. He also shared that around 1,300 kids have been born in the district hospital, all of whom have been officially registered in the aadhaar record.

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