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Sunday 17 September 2017

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Indian Railways Begin Accepting M-Aadhar

Aadhaar Card, issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), has become one of the most crucial Id proof in the current times. The Indian railway Ministry has announced that m-Aadhaar will be allowed as valid ID proof for the passengers travelling in trains. The passenger sitting in any reserved class can show their m-aadhaar in their phones, thus they are no longer required to carry the aadhaar card. This is a positive step by Indian Railway and encourages the citizens to use more digital ways.  

With huge spending on Aadhaar, government has ensured that 99% of the countrymen take its benefits and avail the numerous services and schemes they launch. To update the users with all the information and news updates, UIDAI has also launched its official web portal. Users can check and get aadhar card verified online and can perform aadhar card download. The m- Aadhar app  launched by the govt allows its users to download aadhar card. Users can download the app from their Aadhar registered phone numbers. 

Users can download the app from Playstore and enter their passwords to log in and subsequently their data from UIDAI will be processed. A user can add as many 3 profiles in a single device but the Aadhaar should have the same number. The user interface is quite simple but if there are issues or bugs, users can write to  The app displays the aadhaar information of the users like name, date of birth, address, photographs and gender. The app also features the biometric locking or unlocking to protect the data. User can choose to unlock it or even disable the locking system.

Aadhaar has become the most important ID proof and with the approving nod of Indian Railways and the mobile application, government has thus taken another step towards digital India.    

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