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Monday 11 September 2017

How To Perform Aadhaar Correction like Name Change

 Aadhaar Card
The Aadhar card is a unique id proof, containing demographic and biometric details of a citizen, has become one of the most crucial cards in India. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), and now the UIDAI has also opened an online portal to get it into digital format. Citizens can also verify aadhar card by navigating the official site of UIDAI. The web service is very helpful for the Aadhar Card holders. It not only informs them about important updates but can also be used for adhar card correction details that include name, address, contact information, etc. Users can also apply for a digital locker on its web portal. UIDAI maintains details of every Aadhar card holder in India, so one can easily verify their details by going onto their official site

The India government with the introduction of Aadhar card waved a green flag to a centralized database system. The Aadhar card collects all the information of a citizen such as retinal info, address and biometric data, etc to provide its citizens with multiple benefits of its schemes and plans. This is the reason why it is recommended to have all the details correct on the Aadhar card and 100 percent authenticate. The gender and age and the local address of the cardholder will be shown during verification of Aadhar card. If there are inaccurate details or errors, the cardholder can immediately contact UIDAI through mail or on their toll free number.  If there is some error in any of the details of the Aadhar Card, card holders can use the web services for their aadhaar correction too. With the introduction of E-Aadhar card, one can perform the Aadhar card search but if any user has difficulty in searching online, he or she can also perform Aadhar card search through offline ways too.

aadhaar correction

Method for aadhar card name change correction

·         Online
It is advised that Aadhar card holders should link their cards with PAN cards and make sure that all the details match up with original documents. Aadhar card is a very crucial document and a very small error can cause you problem as you won’t be avail the services which government offers or there are chances that your aadhar card might get deactivated.
So if the users find any glitch, error or misinformation, they can follow these small steps to perform Aadhaar correction or aadhar card name change update.

The procedure will require a smooth internet connection, a computer system and the Aadhar card on which cardholders wish to perform aadhaar correction.
Step one: Navigate the official UIDAI website for adhar card correction

Step two: Cardholders need to sign in/ log in to their official account by providing their Aadhaar 

Number which is written on the Aadhar cards. Users will receive an OTP code on their registeredAadhar Card mobile number.
Users who don’t have registered Aadhar card mobile number won’t be able to perform aadhaar correction. To do that, they can visit nearest Aadhar centers.

Step three: If the users successfully logged in their accounts, they can do the data update request and review the full details on their respective aadhar cards. Users need to keep their registered phone with them as they will receive a number which can be used at later stages.

Step four: Users will be asked to upload some important documents for the verification process so the users are requested to get digital copies of all their personal documents beforehand. These documents are required so that Government can verify them and update the details of the aadhar cards.  So after performing an aadhar card name change please ensure you upload the required supporting documents.

Step five: Users are more likely to receive a call from some government operated BPO service for further guidance and users will be asked a few questions to review the new details before updating them.

Step six: If the users are confident that all the details are 100 % correct, they can click on the Submit button. As soon as they submit, the government services will begin to review and verify the new changes and updates. UIDAI made sure that users will be informed regularly through SMS and mails regarding the procedure and updates. The process can take some time to finally update the details. If users want to know the status of the adhar card correction, they can read this aadhar card correction blog article.

aadhar card correction online

·        Offline way to Initiate Aadhar Card Name change or Correction

It is possible that some users may not find online methods of aadhaar correction easy and are looking for an offline method. To perform adhar card correction offline, firstly download the online form. It’s easy and users can just click this link and select the option of ‘Update request by post’ under aadhaar update column.

Download the pdf file and take a printout. Users need to check mark the fields for update and correction in which they want their details to get updated. Fill out the rest of the form carefully in English and Local language. Users are advised to use capital letters to avoid confusion and errors.  In case of local language, kindly use the same local language which the users used at the time of their enrolment in aadhar card. Users are required to provide their registered mobile number as it’s compulsory for updating the given information. It’s optional for users to provide their email addresses. Users should be very careful with filling out the information.

Users can send their applications for aadhaar correction after filling out all the details. They will be required to self-attest all the supporting documents and post it to UIDAI on the address they provided. It is recommended to write “aadhaar correction/update” on top of the envelope.
The address provided by UIDAI is
Post Box No. 99
Banjara Hills
Hyderabad- 500034

Note:  There is no such fee for aadhaar correction as it’s free of cost. But if the users decide to visit an enrolment aadhar center for their details correction, they will have to pay a small payment of Rs. 25 to get their details updated.

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