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Sunday 3 September 2017

How To Get Your Aadhar Card Verified

How To Get Your Aadhar Card Verified

Aadhar card is a unique identity proof, 12 digits unique identification number, which contains demographic and biometric details of a citizen. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). It is recommended to get the Aadhar card verified to make sure that the Aadhar card is valid and correctly issued. Users can also check if the information provided is correct to their knowledge or not. The gender, age group, and the state to which the cardholder belongs will be displayed at the time of verification of Aadhar. In case of inaccurate details, the cardholder can immediately contact UIDAI. The cardholder can either call the toll free number or send an email to contact UIDAI. UIDAI maintains details of every Aadhar card holder in India, so one can easily verify their details by going onto their official site.

It is important to understand that the Aadhar card is a crucial document. The government is introducing new schemes and it is beneficial to have Aadhar card to avail those services and get benefits from those schemes. The Unique Identification Authority of India recently detected many fake Aadhar Card in the system. To avoid such problems and issues, it is advised to get your Aadhar card verified.

In some cases, Aadhar card can also become inactive if it has not been used for three consecutive years, as per the UIDAI helpline and officials. It is possible that the user hasn't linked it to any bank account or to the PAN or used it for any other transaction such as giving Aadhar details to EPFO to claim the pension or in any other way, then there are chances that it could have been deactivated. That is why UIDAI provides the users an easy way to get their Aadhar Card verified. If a user is unable to get the Aadhar card verified there are high chances that someone might be misusing the card or it can be used in wrong ways. In such case, immediately inform the authority.

Aadhar card verified

Reasons You Should Get Your Aadhar Card Verified

Whether it becomes mandatory for users to link their aadhar card number to your bank account or PAN card or not, aadhar still is the most important document in India. It is the valid proof that determines the identification of an Indian citizen. Aadhar card has been validated as the centralized ID proof in the country, which is important for applying for any government document or any other form of legal processing.

aadhar card verified

Here are just a few just things for which, being an Indian Citizen you might require a verified aadhar card.      

1. Now, almost every employer in the country demands its employees to submit their aadhar card, before joining their company or organization, which they use to verify the details of the individual. Today people even recheck their maids’ information using their aadhar card number.

2.    Aadhar Card number has also helped in eliminating fake id holders, and conmen’s from the society. Its centralization has ensured that people with fake ID are not entertained by any individual.

3.   The government has also launched multiple schemes that allow aadhar card verified users to take advantage of subsidy benefits and other benefits.

4.     UIDAI has also launched a wallet app called BHIM App, which allows aadhar card users to make digital money transaction from their Android devices. This app is designed by the government to encourage Indian citizens to adopt the digitalizing trend.

5.    You can get your passport or open a new bank account if you don’t get your aadhar card verified which should to a big enough reason for you to get your aadhar card number verified today.

6.  Government is also offering Indian citizens to store all their important documents in a digital online locker, called for which users need to sign up with their verified aadhar card number.    

7.    In the past few months Aadhar card has also helped in tracking some criminals and thief’s in the country. Aadhar has a record of the biometric data of each individual in the country which allowed police to locate the exact location of these criminals.   

So hurry and get your Aadhar Card Verified right now. You can use aadhar’s official online website to verify your aadhar information within few seconds.

Note: In order to use, aadhar’s online services, it is necessary for the user to their registered mobile number with their aadhar card. So, make sure to verify your aadhar card while you are verifying your aadhar card as well.

aadhar card verified

How to get Aadhar card verified

The first step is to Navigating to UIDAI website. Once the website is completely loaded, the user can navigate through the further verification process. At the bottom of the page, users have to choose the option “Aadhar services” and then click on “Aadhar Verification” or “Verify Aadhar number.”
After Clicking on Aadhar Verification, the link will redirect the user to the Resident status Portal of UIDAI or the Kiosk Aadhar. Here, the user is required to fill up his or her 12 digits unique identification Number. It can easily be found on User’s Aadhar card. Users are also required to fill up a random security number. Once all of these details are correctly filled, the user can click on the ‘submit’ option.
The page will display all the details of the Aadhar card if it exists in the database and is verified. It will also ensure whether your Aadhar card has been issued or not.

Aadhar Card is currently surrounded by a lot of controversies, which are dragging it on the grounds where it is being speculated that it might turn out to be a threat to people’s privacy and rights in the long run. However, we can’t deny all the benefits of Aadhar. And if government demands users to share such sensitive information with the government, it’s their duty to ensure that they create a secure data storage interface in which the users feel safe to store and share their bank details with the aadhar card.

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