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Thursday 14 September 2017

How To Check Adhar Card Status

How To Check Adhar Card Status
The Government of India took a positive initiative by introducing Aadhar based Id proof to its citizens which are issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). UIDAI has opened a web portal for many applications. Citizens who have applied for aadhar card can check adhar card status in many ways. In this article, we will discuss the step by step process to perform adhar card status check. UIDAI keeps the details of every Aadhar card holder in India so it’s important to verify the aadhar card.

adhar card status

Importance of Adhar Card
Adhar acts as a proof of identity as well as address, and its enrollment is free for citizens. Adhar card is an important and unique id proof, which contains a 12 digit unique identification number along with demographic and biometric details of a citizen. Adhar card status not only helps the government of India in identifying the citizens but also helps in eliminating fake identities and to counter terrorism. Adhar has some unique parameters as it includes the biometrics which can’t be copied or manipulated and that’s why it is one of the safest IDs.
With the help of aadhar card, one can avail several government services and schemes. It’s not easier to link PAN card, contact information with the Aadhar. UIDAI also introduced an option of e-aadhar which users should download from its official website.
If the users have successfully applied for the Aadhar card and haven’t yet received the card, they can check adhar card status by following these steps. If the users wish to perform adhar card status check online, they have to navigate to the official site of UIDAI. Users are advised to keep their copy of acknowledgment slip which they receive at an enrollment center. It will have a 14 digit enrolment ID and details of date and time of the enrollment.

Step 1
Go to the official web portal of UIDAI and under the Aadhaar enrolment section, click the option ‘adhar card status check’. Aadhar Card holder will be redirected to a new window of UIDAI, where the user will be required to fill other details of aadhar. It will include 14 digit Enrolment Id and date and time of the enrollment in the format of dd/mm/yy hh: mm: ss. Both the details can be obtained from the enrollment slip. EID is thus the 28 digit number formed from the details users fill in the boxes.

Step 2
After filling the EID (Enrolment ID), users need to enter the security code which is randomly generated. Once the user correctly fills the security code, he or she can click on Check adhar card status. The page will show the correct adhar card status  results. If the card is verified it will show all the details correctly. If there are any issues with the details such as misspellings or incorrect contact information then the users can apply for correction and updating of the details. The entire process is free and users won’t be charged any amount.

adhar card status 
Step 3
It is possible that a few users might have lost their Enrollment slips and thus they can’t fill those details wherever required. They can still perform adhar card status check by simply navigating to the UIDAI web portal and selecting ‘Retrieve your Enrolment ID or Aadhaar’ Users will be required to fill up the details of their registered name and Email Address or mobile phone number followed by a random security code. Users need to select the option of ‘Get OTP’ which will be immediately sent to their registered phone number. Once the OTP is verified users will receive the required EID and they can follow the previous steps to check their Aadhar’s status.

Step 4
Some users may want to opt for offline ways instead of online navigation to check adhar card status. UIDAI has provided its users with the facility of check adhar status via SMS which is a comparatively easy process. Users are required to send an SMS to the number 51969 with their 14 digit enrolment number. It should be in this format, ‘UID STATUS <14-digit enrolment ID>’. Users must keep this in mind they have to send the SMS from the phone number which is registered with your aadhaar card.

adhar card status
Benefits and Important Facts about Aadhaar Card
UIDAI has made sure that the users get maximum benefit from their online service and all of their queries are answered. Checking the Adhar Card status is important for every card holder. The web portal also offers many other online services. The homepage of Adhaar portal shows three sections called Aadhaar enrolment, Aadhaar update, and Aadhaar services. Users can also download their Aadhar card on their mobile phones and verify them. It is possible that a few details might be wrong in adhar card; in that case, users can update their details. It is advised to download the E-adhar cards which are of equal use. Most of the Indian citizens are using Smartphones thus having E-adhaar is helpful. The government is stepping forward in the direction of digital India and Aadhaar card is one such attempt. E aadhar card can also be used in Voter Card linking, fast approval of passport, digital life certificate, provident funds, etc. 

It is possible that some Aadhar cards become inactive if they aren’t used for three consecutive years. If a card holder has not linked his or her Adhar card to any bank account or to the PAN Card or used it for any other transaction such as EPFO to claim pensions, etc, then the card could have been deactivated or eliminated from the system. That’s why it is recommended to check adhar card status to avoid such issues. To read more about Aadhar card and Pank card linking, visit this blog.      
Aadhar Card holders can enquire about the Aadhar card details and information via Toll-Free Calling. The toll-free number as provided by UIDAI is 1800-300-1947. Users need to have all the Details regarding Aadhar Application. Once the Process gets complete, users will be informed about their respective Aadhar Card Details.

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