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Wednesday 20 September 2017

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Everything You Need To Know About e aadhar card status?

Everything You Need To Know About e aadhar card status?

E aadhar card status
With the introduction of Aadhaar, a 12 Digit Unique identity issued to all Indian citizens, the government of India has progressively stepped towards a digitalized India. The government is riding its wagon of digital India with all its might and Aadhaar is one of the better facilities government has provided. Aadhar is based on the demographic and biometric details of Indian citizens and is one the world’s largest biometric-based identification program with around 1.17 billion enrolled citizens constituting around 99% of Indian population.

Aadhar is a very crucial identification card and has a good number of benefits for Indian citizens such as digital life certificate, Voter Card & PAN card linking, fast approval of passport, provident fund, etc. The Authority which issues Aadhaar is UIDAI, Unique Identification Authority of India. The web portal provides its users a lot of options and news updates. Users can verify their e aadhar card status on the web portal, download the electronic version of Aadhar, update or correct wrong details, check the online status of aadhar and information about enrollment centers.

e aadhar card status

The following article will shed light on e adhaar card status and how to perform e adhaar download. The electronic or pdf version of the Aadhar, also called e-aadhaar can be easily downloaded from its official website and can be used anywhere. The use of smartphones in the past decades has been significantly increased, and that is why Government of India introduced e adhar card status.   
By following these simple steps, users can check e aadhar card status and know more about e adhar download process.
1.      Navigate the official web portal of UIDAI, and look for the section Aadhar enrolment. Under the aadhaar enrolment section, there is an option of ‘Download aadhaar’ and upon clicking the link; users will be redirected to a new page of UIDAI.  

e aadhar card status

2.      Before filling up the details, users must check and validate their Aadhar cards if they are verified or not, because if they aren’t verified, e adhaar card status won’t be downloaded. Users can check out this blog to know more about adhaar card verification.
3.      The new page will display two options, I have – enrolment ID or aadhaar, and it depends on the users that which of the two options is available with them. Users are required to fill up details like Enrolment ID, Full name, Pin code, etc and correct captcha code. Users need to request One-timee password (OTP)’ and fill it correctly in ‘Enter OTP’ section.
4.      After verifying the details, Click on ‘Validate and Download’ to get the e-adhar card on your computer screen. Since it’s a pdf file, users can save it for future use or take a print out of e adhar card and use it as normal Aadhaar card. This is the process of performing e aadhar card download.

e aadhar card status

Users must keep in mind that they are going to require the 28 digit EID number, whose first 14 digit are enrolment ID written on acknowledgment slip and next 14 digit number are date and time of the enrolment in (dd/mm/yyyy hh : mm : ss) format. The OTP will be sent to the mobile phone number which is registered by the e adhar card. Since the site welcomes thousands of users’ enquires and correction application, they only provide three chances to e aadhar card download, that’s why it is recommended to have a stable internet connection. Users should generate or process e aadhar card download from the official site only and not from any unauthorized sites.

The e-adhar card can be very useful for those card holders who have accidently lost their cards and are still awaiting the new aadhar. Recently the Indian railway ministry has also authorized the use and authenticity of m-aadhaar card for any reserved class. M-aadhaar is a new app by UIDAI which allows the user to download aadhaar details on his or her smartphone.

If the users face difficulty in downloading their e aadhar card status, it is possible that their adhar card has become inactive or invalid. The reasons could be that user has not linked the aadhar card to any of the bank account or used it for three consecutive years. It’s also possible that the card was not linked with PAN or Voting card or never been used to claim pension, etc. In that case, users need to re-enroll themselves by paying a visit to their nearest adhar enroll center.

The e aadhar card status is downloaded in pdf format, and UIDAI protects the pdf document by allocating a password to it. The password is nothing but the PIN Code of the city of the user. So to open the pdf document and use it for future purpose, users can simply type the PIN code of their city as password.
e aadhar card status

The electronic version of aadhaar or e adhaar card status can be easily printed after the successful download. The data on e aadhar card status is 100 percent same and would include user’s aadhar number, photograph, name of the user, Date of birth, sex, demographic details like address and biometric details of the card holder.
Thus e aadhaar is totally valid and safe ID document for any use. It doesn’t have to be colored as black/white cards are also valid.

E Adhaar card is available online so it can be accessed any time so users don’t have to worry in case of misplacing or losing of adhaar card. The Government of India has benefited its citizens with a number of subsidies which include LPG subsidy, etc and these subsidies can be availed by showing adhaar card as proof. Now it’s easier to avail documents such as a Passport with the help of Aadhaar card and that too in lesser time. Users can also use adhaar card in opening their bank accounts as it’s a digitally signed document under the provisions of the IT Act, 2000.

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