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Monday 25 September 2017

Deadlines for Linking Aadhaar Card with Mobile SIm, PAN, BANK Etc.

Many telecom companies have been asking their customers to link their aadhaar card with their mobile numbers, in order to continue to use their telecom services, citing the government orders.
The popularity and standardization of aadhaar have motivated the government, to implement a law for all Indians to link their aadhaar card UIDAI number with their mobile number, to avail different social security schemes and services provided by the government. Aadhaar has significantly helped the country, in fighting against false identity thefts and other crimes. So, it obvious government is trying to connect the UIDAI code with all the important documents in the country.      
The government has made it mandatory for all Indian citizens to link their aadhaar card with their bank accounts, PAN card, and mobile SIM cards, specifying different deadlines for each case.  So, ensure to link your aadhaar card with the respective documents, if you want to continue to enjoy their services.

1. Deadline to link Aadhaar Card with PAN: December 31, 2017
This year in August CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) extended the deadline to link aadhaar card with PAN to December 31, 2017 to ensure that all users link their aadhaar with their PAN. Income Tax Department has made it mandatory for citizens to link these documents in order to ensure the processing of ITRs (Income Tax Income).      
If you skip this process, your ITR would be considered invalid and you might also be charged with some additional penalty.

2. Deadline to link Aadhaar Card with mobile number (SIM): February 2018
You might also have received text from your telecom company to link your aadhaar with your mobile SIM. The government has directed all telecom brands to link their customers’ aadhaar with their number to eliminate fake users.

The government has also passed a law according to which all Indian citizens with a bank account need to link their aadhaar card with their account if they want to continue to use their account. The government wants to ensure that banks hold a proper record of their clients in the Know Your Customer (KYC) document. If you are unable to link your accounts before the deadline, you account will be made inoperable.

Now in order to avail any additional security service, like LPG Cylinders, pension, government scholarship etc, aadhaar users need to link their aadhaar number with these respective service providers.

Meanwhile, the government is also planning on implementing these rules on other documents like driving license etc. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Aadhaar seems to become an important part of our life’s.
We would recommend all citizens to create reminders on their calendar, and ensure to link their aadhaar card with all the documents and services listed above, as the government has made it clear that they will ensure that, anybody who hasn’t linked their account won’t be able to operate their account at all after the deadline.

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