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Thursday 7 September 2017

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How can you perform aadhar card status enquiry phone number?

How can you perform aadhar card status enquiry phone number?
The introduction of Aadhar card is undoubtedly a progressive step towards digital India, taken by Indian government, and its benefits are quite great in number which includes Voter Card linking, fast approval of passport, digital life certificate, provident fund, etc. It provides a unique identity proof which contains demographic and biometric details of a citizen. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The initiative by the Indian government UIDAI department holds a vision to provide each Indian a unique identity on a through a digital platform to authenticate their identity anywhere at any time.
aadhar card status enquiry phone number

There are numerous ways to perform Aadhar card status enquiry phone number. There are online ways and there are offline ways. There are many queries that a cardholder might have which can include Aadhar card status or verification of Aadhar card or if the details mentioned in Aadhar card are correct or not. So following are a few ways through which you can get your queries solved.

CALL: Users can contact UIDAI for Aadhar card status related queries directly on the toll free number that they have provided. Dial the number 1800-300-1947 from any service provider. The above mentioned aadhar card status enquiry phone number can be accessed from any region of the country. Users have to keep the Enrollment number as the representative will the enrollment number to check the status and other details of the Aadhar Card. Users can get all the information of the phone call and ask for any updates related to the Aadhar card status. The representative on the call might give you a ticket number which you can keep it to track the status of your card. Users can also enquire if the Aadhar card has been dispatched or not, in either case, it is recommended to note down the tracking number which will be provided by call representative.

If you want to read more about the ways to check if your Aadhar card status has been verified or not, you can read the Aadhar card verified article . Indian government has introduced the facility of E-Aadhar card which is acceptable as a valid Identification Document and Residential proof. E-Aadhar card has its own importance and it is recommended to Indian cardholders to download their E-Aadhar Card. The government is focusing on digitization and online servicing and aadhar card is one of the most important ID proofs. Want to know more about e- Aadhar card status, keep reading.

aadhar card status enquiry phone number

MESSAGE: If your Aadhar card is lost or misplaced and if you have not yet received your Aadhar card status by post you can perform aadhar card status enquiry phone number also. If you don‘t wish to spend time in waiting in queues to reach the customer care executive, you can preferably just send a text from your phone. Although the servers are loaded due to high traffic and customer complaints. To send the text, you can type UID STATUS<14-digit enrollment number> in your messaging app. For example if your enrollment number is 52634128963177, then type UID STATUS 52634128963177 and send it to 51969 from your registered mobile number. You will receive your aadhar application status on the same phone number.

Some users have confusion regarding EID number and date and time option. EID is nothing but Enroll Identity number. Users can easily find the ID as it is mentioned on the Acknowledgment slip which a user gets when he or she applies for the Aadhar card online. It consists of a 14 digit unique number in the format as [xxxx/xxxxx/xxxxx]. Users can also find out the date and time when they applied for the Aadhar card, as it is located on left to the EID number on the acknowledgment slip. Always remember that both the information are very important for Aadhar card status enquiry phone number and online ways. The    

aadhar card status enquiry phone number
MAIL: Cardholders can also opt for mailing if they have a bundle of queries and don’t wish to call the Aadhar representative. Users can simply drop a mail at There is also an alternate Mail address which is where users can write their query or update request. The reply won’t come instantly and you might have to wait for some time to heavy load of queries but stay assured the reply would surely come. These are three simple ways through which users can perform aadhar card status enquiry phone number and message and mail.

With the introduction of E-Aadhar card, one can perform the Aadhar card search but if any user has difficulty in searching online, he or she can also perform Aadhar card search through offline ways.

There are also cases where Aadhar card status becomes inactive and Cardholders have to face problems regarding their card. It can happen if the card has not been used for three consecutive years, as per the UIDAI helpline and officials.  Other reasons for inactive Aadhar card are that if User has not linked it to any bank account or to the PAN or used it for any other transaction such as giving Aadhar details to EPFO to claim the pension or in any other way, then there are chances that it could have been deactivated. In those cases, users should contact the authorities. 
aadhar card status enquiry phone number

The above-mentioned ways can work when the users have their acknowledgment slip. In case the users can’t produce their slips, then there is an alternate method to retrieve the Enrolment ID and Date and time through the official website.  To do that, users have to navigate to the Aadhar Kiosk page and click on ‘Find UID/EID’ option. Once the users choose the EID option then they have to fill up all the required details such as full name, email id or mobile number and security code. Later, users need to click on the get OTP button. A One-Time Password will be generated and will be sent on registered email id.

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