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Monday 4 September 2017

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What are the different ways to perform Aadhar card search?

Aadhar is a 12-digit identification number issued by the Indian government to every individual resident of India. UIDAI is responsible for managing Aadhar identification cards. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a central government agency of India which acts as the issuing authority for Aadhar unique identification number (UIN) and is also a part of the Planning Commission of India.  Aadhar card is a unique identity which contains demographic and biometric details of a citizen. Aadhar card is a crucial document and since the government is introducing new schemes it is only beneficial to have Aadhar card to avail benefits from those schemes. With the introduction of E-Aadhar card, one can perform the Aadhar card search but if any user has difficulty in searching online, he or she can also perform Aadhar card search through offline ways.
The article discusses different means through which users can easily perform Aadhar card search.

aadhar card search


 Acknowledgement slip

The enrolment slip which users receives after submission of the Aadhar application contains an Enrolment ID and along with date and time of the registration. In order to check the Aadhar Card status, users should know their 14-digit Enrolment ID. Once the user enters the ID on Aadhar card search option, the details would show up. For example, if your Aadhar acknowledgement slip was generated on March 19, 2014 at 10:15:45, the 14 digits in the Date/Time section will show 19/03/2014 10:15:45. Users are required to enter these two sets of 14-digit numbers on the Check Aadhar Status page of the UIDAI website to avail the results.
With the inclusion of Aadhar Card facility, government has made it simpler for Indian citizens to avail government subsidies and have a unique identity proof. It is also helpful in scrutinizing the alarming illegal immigrants in the country. As per the rules, no citizen can have more than two Aadhar cards.

Without acknowledgement slip

One way to perform Aadhar Card was through acknowledgment slip, but it is also possible that a user might have lost the acknowledgment slip by mistake. If that is the case, cardholders can still retrieve the Enrolment ID and Date/Time of acknowledgement through the UIDAI website. To do that, users have to navigate to the Aadhar Kiosk page and click on ‘Find UID/EID’ option.

There will be two options. One is to retrieve the Aadhar Number and other is to retrieve the 28-digit Enrolment Number (EID). Users are required to choose the EID option. After entering other details such as full name, email id or mobile number and security code, users need to click on the get OTP button. A One-Time Password will be generated and will be sent on registered email id or mobile number. After entering the OTP, users have to click on the ‘Verify OTP’ at the end of the page.
Once the OTP is verified, the page will display the enrolment number. You can use this enrolment number and date/time to fill in the details on the Check Aadhar Status page and continue as you would to check Aadhar Card status with acknowledgment slip.

Indian citizens can also link their Aadhar card with their PAN cards to file income taxes. All they need to do is to navigate income tax website,  and after successful log in, choose the ‘Link Aadhar option’ and add Aadhar number, PAN details and name of the cardholder as it is in the Aadhar Card.
There are other ways too, through which cardholders can perform Aadhar Card search. They are as follows.


The other easier way to perform Aadhar card search is via SMS, where users need to type UID STATUS and 14-digit enrolment number, or UID STATUS-space-28-digit EID in the messaging app on their mobile phones. The message should be sent to 51969.

Toll-Free Number

Users can also perform Aadhar card search through Toll-Free Calling. For that, users need to dial this Toll-free Number – 1800-300-1947. After Dialing, users will be asked to enter all the Details regarding Aadhar Application. Once the Process gets complete, users will be acknowledged with their Aadhar Card Details.

Post Office

If a user is certain that the Aadhar Card has been generated and dispatched, that card holder can check with the local post office on whether the card has reached or not. It will however require the enrollment ID. Thus, users can perform Aadhar Card search through post offices as well.
It is advised to keep a proper track of your Aadhar Card as the card serves as an important government identity and address proof. Good news is, UIDAI has finally been launched its e-Aadhar portal, and seeing that majority of Indian citizens are using Smartphones, it’s a good facility to have. 

To know more about e-Aadhar and how can you download it, click the below link.e-Aadhar card

It has come into notice of The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) that there are many fake Aadhar Cards included in the system. So it is also recommended that cardholders get their Aadhar Card verified. There were also cases in which Aadhar card became inactive as they weren’t being used for three consecutive years. This is the reason why UIDAI focuses on verification of Aadhar cards. Aadhar card verification can be done by navigating to the official site of UIDAI. 

aadhar card search

The introduction of Aadhar card in the country is no doubt a step towards progress but it is equally debatable if the Aadhar card compromises with your privacy or not. How far can you trust your government? Is your information really private and secure?

The Honorable Supreme Court has declared that privacy is also a fundamental right under the Indian constitution and in the light of recent leaks and hacks, it is justified to question that is government really aware about the dangers that can occur if the information, willingly given by the majority of Indian citizen, gets hacked by a notorious group. To further read about the right to privacy judgment and its effect on Aadhar card, click the following link.   

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