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Wednesday 13 September 2017

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Details That Users Can Avail From The Official Aadhaar Portal

The Aadhar card is a unique id proof, containing demographic and biometric details of a citizen, and is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), and now the UIDAI has also created an online aadhaar portal for all the queries and services. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is an authority established on 12th of July 2016 by the Indian Government. The aadhaar portal not only provides all the aadhar card details but also makes its users aware about the schemes and other features of the card. It can be easily accessed by clicking the link
Aadhaar Portal

Users can now verify their aadhar card details and in case of wrong details, the cardholder can perform aadhar card corrections. UIDAI protects the details of every Aadhar card holder in India. The web service is very helpful as it not only informs its users about important updates but can also be used for aadhar card correction details that include name, address, contact information, etc. It is estimated that over 99 percent of the Indians had already been enrolled under Aadhaar scheme and are eligible to avail the benefits provided by the government of India.
The web portal offers many online services which users can get in just one click. The home page of aadhaar portal has three sections viz. Aadhaar enrolment, Aadhaar update, and Aadhaar services. UIDAI has introduced download aadhar card and it is advised to Indian card holders to avail its services.

Aadhaar Enrollment
The web portal provides various options to its users under this section which includes Enrollment and Update centers in major cities, check Aadhaar status and e-aadhaar, verify aadhar card details and get Aadhaar number on mobile. Users can easily get enrolled anywhere in India and if they wish to locate the nearby Aadhaar enrollment center, they can find it in the seven paged pdf provided by the web portal under ‘Enrolment and Update centers in major cities’ link. If the Aadhar Cards of users are generated, they can avail the SMS services on their registered mobile number by clicking the option, ‘Get Aadhaar Number on your phone.’ It is important for users to check if their Aadhaar cards are generated or not, so to check their status they can click on the option ‘Check Aadhaar status’ under Aadhaar enrolment section. If the users wish to download their Electronic version of Aadhar card, e-aadhar which is equally valid as Aadhaar document, read our blog on e-aadhar. 

Aadhaar Portal

Aadhaar Update
Aadhar is indeed a golden step towards the idea of digital India and the Indian government has not left any stones unturned in providing benefits to the citizens which include Voter Card and PAN Card linking, quick passport approval, digital-life certification, provident funds, etc. However, if users wish to link their PAN cards with Aadhar Card, all the personal and demographic details should match 100 percent.
Under the section ‘Aadhaar Update’, UIDAI aadhaar portal has provided several services and options. Users can update their aadhar card details like Name, Gender, Home Address, Date of birth, email ID, Contact number, etc and apply for changes too if there are some errors in the details. Users need to click the option ‘Update Aadhaar details’ to continue with the online process of correction. If the users wish to opt for an offline process, they can click ‘Update request by Post’ or ‘Update at enrollment center.’ The aadhaar portal will provide the required pdf files which could be downloaded and filled accordingly to perform corrections in the details.

Aadhaar Portal

Aadhar Card holders can also visit nearby Permanent Enrollment centers (PEC) to update their aadhar card details, and if they wish to check the status of the update, they can click the option under Aadhar update section, ‘Check status-Updation done at ECMP’. Users will be redirected to another page, and after filling up their enrollment ID, Date/time section and security code, Aadhar users can view the status of their aadhar card details modification.
There is also an additional option provided, ‘Check status-updates done online’ for those users who opted for the online upgrading option.    

Aadhaar services
‘Aadhar services’ is the third important section of the aadhaar portal to check aadhar card details. There have been numerous cases where Aadhaar card became inactive and the possible reasons could be that the cardholder has not used aadhar card for 3 consecutive years, according to the UIDAI guidelines. It is also possible that aadhar card holder has not linked his or her card to PAN card or to any registered bank account or to avail services which government has provided. Thus it is recommended that users should verify their Aadhaar number.
Aadhaar Portal

UIDAI web portal provides the option, ‘Verify Aadhaar number’ under Aadhaar services for verification which is a two step process. It will show all the aadhar card details and if the card is active or not. Aadhaar service provides various other options as well. If the users wish to verify their Email and Mobile phone number, they can do so by clicking ‘Verify Email/Phone Number’ and follow the onscreen instructions. Users will receive an OTP code after filling the aadhar card details and after providing the OTP code, the verification process will complete.

Aadhaar Portal
There is also an option of ‘Locking and Unlocking Biometrics’ which enables the card holders to lock and unlock temporarily their biometrics. It is for the protection of privacy and security of card holder’s Biometrics data. Biometrics includes user’s fingerprints and eye details for authentication. The service will only work when the users log into their aadhar account and have registered mobile number. Once the user locks the biometric system, he or she can later unblock it or disable the locking system as per the preference. It is provided to prevent misuse of the data and user’s aadhar card details.  

Aadhaar services also provide its users a portal to check their Aadhaar and Bank account linking statuses. Users can select the option from ‘Aadhaar services’ and once they provide their Aadhaar Number, Security code, and the OTP code, they can check the linking status of their bank accounts.

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