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Thursday 17 August 2017

How Aadhaar Card helped in tracing a J’Khand Thief

How Aadhaar Card helped in tracing a J’Khand Thief

Are you still skeptic about the importance of aadhaar card in the country. Do you still think that aadhaar is a threat for you and your privacy? Well, then this incident might change your mind. Aadhaar stands true to its name and acts as the basis of most significant official transactions in the country. Today Aadhaar is a compulsory document, which is used by all the government officials in the country.

However, this time aadhaar card has helped the police department in tracking the crime in the country. Recently in Mumbai, a Jharkhand thief who was charged for a Rs 18.23 lakh theft was traced and arrested by the cops, at his employers place in Santacruz.

The accused thief, Jitendraprasad Mahato, was traced with the help of his aadhaar card information, which he submitted to his employer at the time of his job selection. Apparently, the accuser also tried to blame his employer Naresh Kadnani, by claiming that he was forced to rob his employer when he refused to pay him his salary. However, these claims were dismissed by the as Mahato’s CCTV footage was found, where he can clearly be seen, existing Kadnani’s Santacruz flat with a suitcase. Mahato robbed everything he could find from his house, be it perfume, clothes, jewelry or watches.

This incident evidently proves how aadhaar card, biometric can come in handy for tracking down such criminals and threats to the society. This incident is a slap in all those people’s face, who criticized aadhaar to be a threat to their privacy rights. The cops were only able to track Mahato using his aadhaar card information.

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