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Thursday 31 August 2017

E aadhar Download, Why Should You Do it And How?

After a long wait of time, UIDAI has finally been able to launch its e-aadhar portal. E aadhar is very necessary for every citizen as most of the Indians are using Smartphones, thus downloading an E aadhar card is important. The government is focusing on digitization and online servicing and aadhar card is one of the most important ID proofs. By making e aadhar digital and available online, the government has taken a positive step.

e aadhar

If you want to generate an e aadhar card and services on your mobile phone, you need to enroll for an aadhar Card. ID is a must requirement for the registration process of your phone number with official website. It will be a 14 digit number, which can be easily accessed from acknowledgment slip, along with a few other details. If you know your aadhar Number then also you can download your aadhar card online and use it anywhere by just taking a printout of the same. To download the aadhar letter, it is necessary to have both your enrolment number and date time of your enrolment, to generate a onetime password which will be sent to your registered number.

It should be noted that the users will have only three attempts to download aadhar card so it’s advised to be careful while downloading their aadhar card. It will definitely require a stable Internet connection so if any user has slow or instable connection, then it could be difficult for you. Do no post or give the enrollment and personal details on any other unofficial website to avoid risks and harm to your privacy.

It is observed that many users have mistakenly lost the cards, so if your card is lost, then you can get it back easily. Government of India is providing this facility to download your e adhaar card and as per the instructions it will be valid as the original one and you can give the copy of it as the identity proof.

e aadhar

The government of India has launched digital locker (DigiLocker) system in the past for everyone for storing all personal documents on the government’s server. The sign-up process for DigiLocker requires the person to link his/her 12 digit Aadhar card number. E aadhar has various other uses as well like Voter Card linking, fast approval of passport, digital life certificate, provident fund, etc. 

It is important for the government to as much as important it is for its users. The government uses the aadhar network to ensure that individuals who seek assistance can gain access to these resources directly. It’s a part of a process which slowly links all benefits schemes and essential government services to the aadhar network, thus creating a database through which it can distribute and keep track of the various schemes and programs. In this manner, it can also identify those who are receiving benefits but are not eligible for them and take corrective action.

Aadhar Card and E Aadhar Importance After the Implementation New Laws
As you might have already heard about the new law passed by the government, which disables aadhar from recording and using aadhar card holders’ information without their information. This new law is causing a lot of confusing amongst Indian citizens, disabling them from properly understanding and determining the value of aadhar now.

According to previous laws, aadhar was held as the most important document by the government. But now yet again its importance has been dragged back to an identity proof. However, Indian citizens will still be able to get the subsidy and other basic benefits using aadhar which they could before the changes in aadhar policies.

The E aadhar website, UIDAI will also be operating with the same measurements as it was before the changes in the rule. The new rule has definitely reduced the significance and importance of the document, by a good ratio. Earlier it was being speculated that aadhar, was going to being the most important document in the country.

E Aadhar Data Security System

Supreme Court has already upheld the laws, in which it was being made mandatory for all Indian users to link their aadhar card number with their bank accounts and PAN cards by the end of August 2017. It was also recorded that more than 50% Indian citizens had already linked their aadhar number with their respected cards and bank accounts. This procedure was operated through E-aadhar online website. However, during the past months, dozens of reports were also filed by the government as well as the citizens, which claimed that their information was leaked.

This comes as no surprise as we are all aware of the condition of Government website. Yes, UIDAI has a stable online system, but government can’t deny the fact, people were able to hack into their E-aadhar portal and had leaked the information of more than a couple thousand users. Well if tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook, are unable to keep their user data secure and private, then how can we trust a government site, which has a very poor reputation in handling their online expenses. And they have already failed the test, by leaking data of thousands of users from its website.

Now considering the poor data security system on Indian Government website, and who would want to link their bank accounts and PAN details with their aadhar card. Majority of Population in the country saw this mandatory step as an invasion of their privacy rights, which is against the legislative right, ‘Right to Privacy’ which is given to every citizen in the country.

However, aadhar is still as important as it was before, so better ensure to enroll for one if haven’t. Plus the good news is that aadhar card users will still be able to user E-aadhar facilities online. So, make sure to keep your aadhar as updated as possible. Aadhar is now making a few changes in its system, allowing users to customize their biometric data and information, by giving them the right to make it private or public according to their preference.

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