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Wednesday 16 August 2017

Easy Steps for Online Aadhar Card Download and its Benefits

             Easy Steps for Online Aadhar Card Download

Today Aadhar Card has become a more significant document for Indian citizens than a passport while traveling in a foreign land. Aadhar card was launched eight years ago in 2009 in India, with an intention of standardizing an identification proof through the nation.

But gradually Aadhar card has proved itself to be something more than just an ID proof; it has helped in the creation of UIDAI, a website where Indian citizens make Aadhar Card Download online, without any hassle. It sure has helped in reconstructing the image of old school Indian website, which took hours to load and was pretty much good for nothing.

UIDAI has launched an Aadhar Card App which allows users to use, update and make Aadhar Card Download using this app. This year, the government has added more value to the document by making it mandatory for Indian users to link their aadhar card number with their bank accounts, PAN cards and almost every official government document.

Aadhar Card Download

Steps for Online Aadhar Card Download

Note: In order to download your Aadhar Card online users needs to make sure that their Aadhar card is linked to your mobile number, as in order to operate through any UIDAI online services, users will be required to enter a OTP (One Time Password), which is sent to the mobile number which is linked with the respected aadhar number.

Aadhar Card Download

Step 1: First and foremost user needs to open the official UIDAI website.
Step 2: Now click on the ‘Download Aadhar’ option on the left-hand side under the Aadhar Enrolment services.
Step 3: This will direct you to an aadhar card download page.
Note: Users will be given two options to download their aadhar card, one using Aadhar number and other using enrollment number. New aadhar users are requested to download their aadhar card using their aadhar enrollment number.
Step 4: Now enter all the information asked on the page, in the given column, which includes name, pin code, mobile number and security code and click on ‘Get One Time Password’.
Step 5: If all your information is correct, you will receive a 6 to 8 digit code on your mobile, now enter that code on the screen. 

Congratulations, Your Aadhar Card Download is ready, so create as many as copies you want.

Users can make Aadhar Card Download using this online as well as an offline procedure, which demands users to visit their nearest aadhar card service center. Note that in order to link a mobile number with your aadhar card, you will also need to go to an aadhar card office.

Aadhar Card Download

Benefits of Aadhar Card Download

1. Direct Benefits Transfer (DBTL) – Now that the government has made it mandatory for users, to link their aadhar with their bank accounts, it is going to make it easier to transfer subsidies.

2. Scholarships – Students, who are entitled to receive scholarships from the government, will be determined based on the bank balance of their nucleaR family. This will help the government as well as the citizens to take benefits of such schemes. The scholarship amount of the selected candidates will automatically be credited to his/her bank account, which is verified with their aadhar card.

3. DigiLocker – Indian Government has been pushing the country towards digitalization since demonetization last year. Following this trend government has also created an online platform, in the form Digital Locker, which Indian users can use to store all their personal documents. If case you don’t have a hard copy, use the steps mentioned above for online Aadhar Card Download.  Anyone can sign up for this Locker for free, using their aadhar card number.

4. Voter Card Linking – In 2015, Government of India, made it mandatory for users to link their voter ids with their aadhar Card UIDAI number. So in case you haven’t linked these two documents yet, then make sure to link them as soon as possible, before government officers dismiss your voter ID card.

5. Open A Bank Account – All bank accounts are now linked with user’s aadhar card. Applicants are required submit a hard copy of their aadhar card with their respective banks in order to open a new account. You can make If case you don’t have a hard copy, use the steps mentioned above for online Aadhar Card Download anytime and anywhere thanks to UIDAI.

6. Monthly Pension - This is probably the best aadhar benefit. Pension holders around the country can avoid going to the pension office every month by linking their aadhar card number with their respected departments. This move will allow users to a government official to keep a record of genuine pension holders, and also helps in eliminating fraudulent from the country.

7. Passport with 2 weeks – Aadhar card has definitely helped in relieve the verification procedure in the country. Now Indian citizens can get their passport within 10 days of applying for it without any hassle. Under this format, the passport police office will visit your residence at later date, even after the user has received his/her passport. Now aadhar is also a mandatory document for applying for a passport.

8. Aadhar Wallet App – Make online Aadhar Card Download right now, and use the 12 digits unique number given on it to download BHIM App from App Store, which is the first wallet app launched by the government. Ever since demonetization in the country, PM Narendra Modi has been motivating the citizens to switch to the digitalized way of transferring money.

9. Aadhar Card Download Online Service – Remember the time when you had to stand in queues for hours just to submit a document to make a minor change of an alphabet in your name on your aadhar card. Well now will UIDAI, users can 


Aadhar card has turned out to be a game changer in the history of India, not only it helps the government in identifying each and every Indian citizen, it also helps in tracking all the social criminals within the society helping the country fight against corruption, fraud and black money.

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