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Monday 14 August 2017

Aadhaar/UIDAI: Then and Now

                                          Aadhaar/UIDAI: Then and Now

Independence Day is just around the corner, and our country has changed so much since last year. Take examples of UIDAI and its new rule or the evolution of demonetization in Indian. India is a developing country and is beautifully eliminating all the evils from the country like corruption, black money, and crime from the country.

AadhaarCard aka online UIDAI has turned into the hottest debate subject in the country today. What started off as an identification proof has helped in standardizing the verification process in the country. Through the history of Indian politics, I have never seen a subject which has received so much attention, criticism, and ridicule all at the same time.

It’s pretty apparent today that government introduced UIDAI, with a future vision. Indian Government wanted to collect more than just the residential and biometric record of its citizens. Today, the Supreme Court has passed over a dozen laws that have to turn Aadhaar Card into the most important document in the country. It doesn’t matter, what you want, today you won’t even be able to join a new job without an Aadhaar Card. Whether you want to apply for a new passport, driving license or a bank account, the first that will be asked from the applicant is his/her Aadhaar Card. 


UIDAI Online Service

If you had told me a few years back that, we would be able to operate on a government website smoothly without any coding trouble; I probably would have laughed at your face. As rude as it sounds, Indian public online websites were never popular for their services, but with the introduction UIDAI, the government has definitely raised its standards. The website is designed with the idea of easy operation in mind.

Plus the website also allows users to operate to make changes or update their Adhar Card using the official UIDAI website. The government has literally taken a step towards digitalization the country. Since the demonetization in the country, PM Modi had been encouraging the citizens to switch to digital means of operating, be it financial work or office related work.


Almost every government service in the country has created its own website which has been updated and reconstructed again to deliver a better and smooth operational experience to its users.

People have been complaining about the new rules and regulations underlying the importance of Aadhaar, but nobody seems to praise the government for ensuring that all these new changes are being implemented through online seeding. Several people were mad that Indian government is invading our privacy by making it mandatory that Indian citizen have to seed their PAN cards and bank accounts with their Aadhaar card. But, nobody seems to congratulate the government for finding a way which can help them in tracking down all the corrupt men in the country, who are in a way cheating their own nation.

                                                 UIDAI Benefits

  1. Now Indian citizens don’t have to carry 10 different proofs to verify their name, address and appearance. Aadhaar consists of all these information and more, including user signature and biometric data.
  2. Now Indian citizens can’t open a bank account without an aadhaar card, and money being the most important thing turns Aadhaar card in the most important document in the country.
  3. Aadhaar Card has also helped in tracking down multiple criminal in the past couple of months, making it a blessing for the country and the cops.
  4. The standardization of Aadhaar card has also helped in all the fake ids and frauds from the country.
  5. Government has also introduced multiple services, aligned with aadhaar card which, aligned with aadhaar card which, aligned with aadhaar card which include LPG Subsidies, Jan Dhan Yojana, digital locker, pension services and digital life Certification.
  6. It has simplified the verification process, on a local level. Today you can use UIDAI website to verify the details of your employees by simply entering their aadhaar card number in its Verification page.
  7. Aadhaar has without a doubt helped the country, in maintaining a genuine record of all its citizens.
  8. Now that aadhaar card is linked with users PAN and bank account, it is going to easy for cops to track all the corrupt people in the country.


·         Aadhaar Card Apps

·       Following the declaration of monetization and boost of digitalization in the country, the government has introduced multiple online services and applications for an Indian citizen to promote them to switch to the online world.
  • ·       mAadhaar This application is introduced by UIDAI to take benefit of every online service of Aadhaar on an application. You can make any significant or minor change in your Aadhaar using this app like to update your address, photograph or your name.

  • ·         BHIM App – This is basically a wallet app, like PayTm, developed by the government to promote its citizen to use online means for financial transactions. This app demands users to link with their aadhaar number in order to operate efficiently and effectively.

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UIDAI / Aadhaar Card Criticism

I think by now every individual has contemplated on all the disadvantages and advantages of aadhaar card. Yes, I agree that recording data on Aadhaar database and then linking it with all the financial account does put people into a vulnerable state uncertainty. But it is also helping the nation greater good. We might criticize it, call it a violation of our privacy, but in the long run, this invasion of privacy will help the country in becoming a corruption free and structuralized country.

I also have my sympathy with all the Aadhaar card users whose information were leaked online, which obviously created a lot of trouble for them and I definitely believe that government needs to come up with better plan to build a better data security system. As the government will not only be responsible for its information now but the whole nation.


In the end, I would agree to disagree with the criticism which has been surrounding aadhaar card. This is a first national level project operated by the government, and I feel that we should slide a few of their mistakes as aadhaar is going to be the game-changer in the long run.

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