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Thursday 27 July 2017

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Online aadhar download and other Services

 Online aadhar download and other Services

Indian Government launched a standard bio-metric identification proof document, Aadhar card in 2009, with the motive of identifying each citizen of the country with a unique 12 digits number. Since its launch, more than 111 million aadhar cards have been made in the country.

Online Aadhar download
The government has a setup very convenient process for Indian citizens to apply for aadhar card. Initially, during Aadhar introduction in the country, multiple stalls were established with a range of 4 to 5 km to help let citizens enroll for the card. And now with UIDAI taking the charge of Aadhar card online services, the process simplified even more which only requires users to file an online application for the issue of aadhar card.

Users can download aadhar card online using multiple methods, to know more about these methods just click on your preferred choice.

aadhar download


Aadhar card has also eliminated the use of fake ids and other identity fraudulence in the country. The introduction of Aadhar card has reduced the risk and use of fake ID proofs in the country, which has also helped in reducing the case of identity theft. Aadhar card contains the address, with users’ image and 12 digits unique code. Online aadhar download has made it easy for users to access and operate their aadhar information anywhere anytime. This code is directly linked to the iris scan and fingerprint information, which is collected by the Government at the time of issue of aadhar card. However, the government recommends user to verify and operate online aadhar download service at least once to test the authentication of their card. You can easily verify your aadhar card by clicking here

The significance of aadhar has also motivated the government to get dynamic and adapt the online digital platform. UIDAI is responsible for managing and operating all aadhar download and other aadhar related services online.

aadhar download

 Important Note:

Make sure to verify your mobile number with your aadhar card, as all online aadhar services, including aadhar download, operate through a verification process in which a One-time password, is sent to the linked mobile number of the user, which is mandatory requirement to proceed through any online process. A valid Aadhar card can also help you in getting multiple benefits, making you eligible to take benefits of numerous government schemes, subsidies etc, which makes it much more than an identity proof.   

Other Online Government Service linked with Aadhar

Income Tax
Indian citizens can now verify their filed returns through a simple online procedure. This helps in eliminating documentation needs, while also making is cost and time effective.
Now users simply have to log in to Income Tax Departments website using their PAN number, and link their Aadhar number with their bank account. Once linked users will be able to verify their Income tax returns. 

Open Banks accounts within seconds
Now there is no need for collecting dozens of documents to verify the authentication of an applicant as Aadhar already stores all the information, including the biometric and retina scan of every citizen in the country. Users don’t even need to fill refer application now. Today anyone can open his/her bank account in a flash, without any hassle. All you need is your Aadhar card number. Bank officer will automatically generate you Aadhar card through your or ask you make a request for aadhar download in their system.

Digital Life Certificate 
Thanks to Aadhar now pensioners can use their Aadhar card number to register for a digital life certificate online. This will help them in getting them regular pension without any hassle, of being physically available at the bank and collecting their life certificate. This is one of the best ideas introduced by the government as most pension holders are not in appropriate health condition to physical visit the bank every month to collect their pension. This reduces the physical legwork of old aged people. 
Easy Disbursement of Provident Fund
Your Aadhar Card can also help in a smooth disbursement of your Provident Fund directly to users’ pensioner’s account without any hassle. However, in order to avail this benefit, pensioners have to link their aadhar card number with their pension accounts. This easy linking can help you save a lot of time and effort.    

LPG & Extra Subsidy Benefits
Users can get LPG subsidy, using their Aadhar card number, by simply linking their aadhar with their bank account. You just have to give you UIN (Unique Identification Number) to your bank and voila, you will be getting subsidies benefits on LPG and other stuff.
Aadhar card holders don’t have to link to individual government schemes or programs. Once their aadhar is linked with banks, these offers will automatically be available for these users to manage and use.

Voter ID and Passport
The standardization of aadhar card has blessed the citizens, by simplifying almost very lengthy government procedure. Now even Voter ID cards of Indian citizens are linked with the aadhar card, which has helped in eliminating all the fake bogus voters. 
Now anyone with a valid aadhar card can get a Passport within 10 working days. Now you no longer have to wait for passport officer to come visit your house, as he will pay a visit much later when you will already have your passport. According to a change in rules, now Aadhar has been set a mandatory document for obtaining any significant government document in the country be it a passport or a driving license.   

So go ahead make you aadhar download now and use your UIN to take benefit of all these government services.


Online Aadhar is an amazing initiative, by our Government, which has created a standard identification proof for all verification, be it to buy a new SIM card or join a new company or to open a new bank account; you will need to give your aadhar information to the respected officers. Today users need to link their aadhar number, with almost every important government document in the country like PAN card.

In order to know more information about adhar card download and other aadhar related documentations, rules, updates, changes and benefit, go to

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