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Thursday 27 July 2017

Adhar Card Download steps and Importance

How online adhar card download has simplified your Life

adhar card download

Today with the help of aadhar online services you can download aadhar card anywhere anytime. You no longer have to worry about carrying an identity proof everywhere you go as, with UIDAI online services and your 12 digits unique aadhar number, you can access your aadhar card from anywhere in the world. In order to know the full process for adhar card download directly from UIDAI’s website, you can follow the steps in this blog.

Use this link if you want to download your adhar card through enrollment number.
And Click on this link if you want to download your adhar card through aadhar number.

  • Note: Most of these online services are operated and verified through an OTP (One Time Password) procedure, so make sure to verify your aadhar number with your mobile number. You can verify your number now.
  • In case you have not linked your mobile with your aadhar, then we recommend you do it today, as you won’t be able to use any of their services with your Mobile number, be it adhar card download or any other verification.

Indian Government has always had trouble with the management of fake ID, which led to the increased population of illegal immigrants and other identity fraud in the country. Aadhar Card exhibits bio-metrics and demo-graphical record of each individual with their retina scans and a fingerprint, which makes it one of the most trustable identity proof in the country. Aadhar card has significantly reduced the risk of identity fraudulence in the country.  
adhar card download

Banks and Adhar

Now all banks in the country have made it mandatory for users to link their aadhar card details with their bank accounts if they want to continue to operate on their accounts. Aadhar has become much more than an identity proof, it is today a document of originality and trust.

 Importance of Adhar Card Download and its Disadvantages

Aadhar Card is a mandatory identity proof for Indian citizens in the country, which was launched in 2009 on 28th January. It creates a unique 12 digit number to identify each citizen based on the bio-metrics and other information collected by The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Adhar card download serves as the most significant document in the country, which offers multiple financial and subsidy benefits to the citizen of the country.

adhar card download

The rapid growth of digitization in India has also prompted the Indian government to create an online website for adhar card download and other services. Today Government is making an attempt to transform with the technology by getting more involved with the youth. Today Users can get and check any adhar card download related or verification information online through UIDAI’s official website.

Under 2016 Aadhaar Act, UIDAI is held responsible for handling the adhar card download, aadhar enrolment and authentication, including its management and operation for all adhar card download related documents on

To know more about aadhar card and its amazing online services you can go to aadhaarcardhelp

Disadvantage of Adhar

Now that we have discussed all the benefits and importance of Adhar card download let’s talk about its disadvantages and how government can potentially invade our privacy at any given time. Adhar is nothing but centralized database which holds the information of all the Indian citizens worldwide and let’s not forget it records our biometrics, which can be used to trace us anytime anywhere. 

Compromising of Individual Privacy
Adhar records the biometric data of each individual, by providing him a unique 12 digits numerical. Now as per government rules, this information is linked with users all banks, voter Id, PAN card as we discussed while talking about the advantage of adhar above. Now, imagine, what will happen if this very private information of these users is used for any bogus purpose. There is a big risk of this information being used or leaked in an unlikely manner.

Centralization Power Problems
Adhar or Unique Identification Scheme is managed and operated by Supreme Authority of Nation, which can lead to centralization problems. As the centralization of power can manipulate or create unorthodox rules or issues for the population that might affect the nation as a whole. If the government plans on introducing new rule s pertaining to seeking more private information of the users in the name of adhar, the people will be forced to share that information and lose their right to privacy.

Misuse of Adhar in Bank Transactions
As per the change in rules, the government has launched a new scheme, in which all bank accounts need to be linked with adhar, which will be used in the processing of ATM, as well as in Credit and Debit Cards. This bit will grant government the access to reach and trace financial transaction of the masses in the country, which can be misused by the government. Such identification can be used in transaction forge, which can cause a huge loss for many Indian citizens.

Uneasy to Use
Adhar card download is without a doubt a useful futuristic scheme launched by the government. But in a population, where over 30 percent people are illiterate and are still caught up in a rural lifestyle, using adhar card and operating all its news rule can be challenging for these people. Many rural villagers find its offering more of a bane than a boon. Adhar card download is definitely turning out to be a hit in the urban sector, but what about the rural region of the country. 

Foreign Handling
Adhar Project is operated and managed by private companies. This project was introduced to entertain the development and research which were being conducted by these Foreign companies. This news definitely opens ours to the potential risk of data erosion of Indian population private information to foreign bodies, who can use it in any which way they want.


Whether you like it or not Adhar card download is the new centralized identification proof in the country, which has shown only good results till date. Adhar has so many benefits, that its potential risks rather seem insignificant. A genuine citizen of the country would eventually have nothing to hide from his/her country or government anyway.

Today every individual in the country can verify the details of another person by verifying their aadhar online. Unlike other identity proofs like passport, voter ID etc, aadhar card offers citizen with a freedom to check the basic details of their workers through an easy verification process online, which only demands their aadhar card number.

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