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Saturday 22 July 2017

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How Can you Download Aadhar card from UIDAI website

 How Can you Download Aadhar card from UIDAI website

Still Skeptic about why you should download your Aadhar Card, well have compiled some valid reasons for you to download aadhar card as soon as possible.

Aadhar Program was initially launched in India in early 2009, with the main objective of granting a universal identification proof to every Indian resident. Today almost 80 percent of Indian population holds a piece of this essential piece of document. Today anyone can easily access and download Aadhar card, online without any hassle. Users don’t have to stand in queues for hours or bribe offices, as the Indian government has evolved and adapted the digital change in the nation which allows users to download aadhar card, with a few clicks online.


 Download Aadhar Card Online 

We are all aware of the importance and need of aadhar card today, as an id proof. It is one of the most essential identification document that one needs to have. Today aadhar card is understood as the most comprehensive proof of a user’s identification, which is one of the main reason why getting an aadhar card has been made a lot easier. You cannot just download aadhar card online, but also apply for aadhaar card updates online, and trackthe status of those updates, and do a lot more.

Once you have applied for getting your aadhar card made, you can check your aadhar card status and when your aadhar card is ready for download. On the official UIDAI website, there are two different ways in which you download aadhar card. The first one involves downloading it through the use of your Enrollment ID. And the second one involves downloading it through your Aadhar number.
Both the methods of aadhar card download have been described in detail in this article below.

aadhar card download by Enrollment Number

Download Aadhar Card Through Enrollment Number

1      1. Visit the official site for Aadhar card download, and go to ‘Download Aadhar Tab’. When you click on this, you will get the ‘Aadhar card download’ window.
2.     2.  In this window you will get the option of downloading aadhar card either through enrollment id or through aadhar number.
3.    3. When you click on the ‘Enrollment id’ option, you will get a list of fields you need to fill.
4.     4. Here you will also be needing to enter an OTP.

aadhar card download by Aadhaar No

Download Aadhar Card through Aadhaar Card Number

1.     1. From the options in the download aadhar window, select the aadhar number option.

2.    2.  After you click on this option for download aadhar card, you will get a list of fields that need to be filled. Fill them with correct information to fasten download aadhar card process.

Note: This OTP will be sent to the mobile number, which is linked to your aadhar card, so make sure to keep it within reach when you start downloading aadhar card from the website. In case you are not sure whether your aadhar card is linked with your mobile or not, you can use this link to verify your aadhar card with your mobile number.

In case you don’t remember the linked mobile number with your aadhar you can use this link to update your aadhar card information online.

Note that most aadhar online procedures are verified through OTP process, so it is important that you have a linked your mobile number with aadhar, which can only be changed through offline process. So make sure to link your mobile number with your Aadhar, if you want to download aadhar card online. For any further queries you can contact aadhar officials by clicking here.      

Both of these processes for download aadhar card have been given on our site, 

Importance of Aadhar Card

Today Aadhar Card has transformed from being just an identification proof, today if a user wants to use his/her bank account, he/she needs to link his aadhar details with his bank. You need to provide and link your aadhar information with all your significant investments, travels and other needs if you want to operate them smoothly. Here are just a few benefits of Aadhar Card, which motivate you to download your aadhar card now.

·         Direct Benefit Transfer (on LPG Subsidy)
The 12 digit aadhar number can be used to for getting LPG subsidy, directly in your bank account. In order to get these benefits users need to link his LPG number with his bank account.

·         Your Aadhar card can help in making your passport in just 10 days.
Under this format, the police verification process is held at a future date, opposed to the old rule, in which the Passport verification officer paid a visit to the applicant house, which was technically a very time-consuming process.

·         Digital Locker
Indian Government has come up with a new idea, which allows users to store all their important documents on a Digital Locker, which is operated by the Government. In order to use sign-up with this Digital, Locker users need to link their 12 digit aadhar number with it. So go ahead any download aadhar card today and create your digital locker.

·         Monthly Pensions
Now it is mandatory for all pensioners to register their aadhar card details with their respective department if want to continue to receive your monthly pension.

·         Provident Fund
Similar to pension holders, provident fund money will also be given to users who have registered their aadhar details with their EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization).

·         Opening Bank Account
Now every bank in the country uses the aadhar information provided by UIDAI as a mandatory identification proof. Rather aadhar card also works as an address proof, so you don’t need to submit multiple documents to the bank like your electricity or phone bill.

·         SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)
Even SEBI uses aadhar card to verify the address of the applicants who are interested in investing in stock exchange market.

These are just a few benefits which can be enjoyed by Indian citizens if they have a valid aadhar card. So register for your aadhar and download aadhar card online within a few weeks.

In case you have any queries related to aadhar card download, you can visit the Grievances tab of the official UIDAI government site. It is possible to get help on your query related to aadhar card download and any other issue that you may be experiencing by following the instructions given on the UIDAI site. 

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