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Friday 28 July 2017

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How to Obtain Aadhar Card for NRIs

Aadhar Card For NRIs

Aadhar card is the standardized ID proof launched in India in 2009, which soon became popular, enough that now government has made it a mandatory document for applying for all significant procedures in the country, be it to open a bank account, or a apply for a passport or driving license. Indian citizens won’t be able to apply for any of these services if they don’t have this aadhar document. Now Indian Government is also planning to enroll its foreign Indian citizens NRIs, to have an Aadhar Card for NRIs, scheme, according to which all Indian citizen, around the world, should have an aadhar card.   

Aadhar card is a mandatory centralized identity proof, which can and should be made for all Indian citizens, be it the ones living in the country or outside the country, including the foreign nationals or NRI, regardless of their dual citizenships. Aadhar Card for NRIs can be availed simply through an online as well as an offline procedure. However the applicant needs to be physically present at the Aadhar center in India, for verification purposes.

aadhar card nris

Procedure of obtaining Aadhar Card for NRIs 
In order to register for this Aadhar card NRI program, first of all these NRIs need to come to India and report at their nearest aadhar center. Any Indian resident can register for Aadhar card using a free voluntary procedure. You can enroll for an aadhar card at any location within the country. Every state in the country has atleast over 10 aadhar centers in the country.

Aadhar Card for NRIs can be applied through an online as well as offline procedure   

Online Appointment Procedure

Note: All Aadhar centers don’t provide this online aadhar appointment facility for registration, so make sure to contact the aadhar card center before visiting it.
You can go to aadhar card official website, UIDAI, to search for the nearest center near your place, or can use their help line number on their website to call and simply ask them about the nearest center. 

Offline registration work for Aadhar Card NRIs
Note: Even if the aadhar center near your place doesn’t offer the online appointment system, you can simply walk in their center, but just be prepared for a little rush at the center.
Now before visiting to your aadhar center make sure to collect all these documents.

adhar Card NRIs Documents Required
·         Usually applicants need to carry 1 government approved identity prove (PAN Card/ Voter ID card/ Driving License/ Passport).
·         And one Address proof document (Passport/ Ration Card/ Utility Bills/ Voter Id card)

In case the applicant doesn’t have these valid documents
Then the applicant can enroll using the government approved documents of the existing members within their family, who can act as his/her guarantees. In case the applicant happens to be the Family Head, then he/she needs to apply for these entitled documents first before applying for the aadhar card. Once he/she has his/her identity and address proof, they can be used for introducing other member of the family for the aadhar card NRIs enrollment procedure.

If the applicant doesnt have any entitlement documents available at all
In such scenarios the applicants can take help from the introducers at the aadhar enrollment center. We recommend applicants to contact their registration office for any further details regarding such situation.

Where to find the aadhar Card NRIs application form?
Applicants can find their aadhar card application at any aadhar registration center. Applicants can also download the application online from the official website of aadhar.
But make sure to fill the online application properly and also make a Xerox copy of the application before going to the aadhar center to save your time.

Aadhar card NRIs registration procedure at the Aadhar center
·        At the aadhar center, the officers will click a photo of applicant and also collect his finger prints and iris scan, to store his/her bio-metric data.  Note that applicants are allowed to review their details at the time of enrollment, so you can make any correction at the time if necessary. So, don’t shy away, from reviewing your details. As you will have to take a flight to India again if make any mistakes on your aadhar card.
  Applicants will be given a temporary enrollment number with an acknowledgement slip as a proof can he/she has indeed registered for the aadhar card.  Make sure to keep this acknowledgement slip properly as, you might require the enrollment number and other details mentioned on the list, if you wish to download aadhar card online. This slip is especially important for aadhar card NRIs as they would, probably want to use the aadhar online services, rather than visit the country every time they want to use this document.
aadhar card nris

          Make sure that you don’t enroll more than once. Users will get the same aadhar number, no matter how many times they apply, as the government will be able to trace the users’ biometrics, which will display their UIN (Unique Identification Number).
         Note that aadhar card is verified centrally, so it can take a month or two for you to receive your aadhar. Note that your aadhar will be sent to the address that you gave to the officers as an address proof. Once your information is verified, you will receive a SMS on your registered mobile number, as soon you aadhar card will be posted to your address.  
·         Note that once you have received the aadhar confirmation SMS, you will be able to access your aadhar online, and will be able to download as many copies of your aadhar card as you want or need.
·         Usually aadhar card can take between 60 to 90 days, processing time. However it might take longer depending on the verification process.
         In case there are any errors or issues in your aadhar card you can simply update that information using an online Aadhar card update procedure through their official website. 

We recommend applicants to apply for this Aadhar card NRIs program, as soon as possible. This is a onetime procedure, which will help you take benefits of online aadhar services once your aadhar card is made officially.



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