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Saturday 29 July 2017

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How can you perform Aadhar Card Correction online

Aadhar Card Correction Online

The significance of aadhaar card in the country has prompted the government to create a online platform, dedicated to the benefits, update and information on aadhaar that also allows users to make Aadhaar Card Correction Online, to apply for a digital locker or for aadhar card download.   
India has also adapted a centralized database system to identify every citizen in the country in the form of aadhaar UIN (Unique Identification Number), which is a twelve digit unique code granted to each citizen on their aadhaar card. Aadhaar Card is basically a Unique Identification that collects the retinal scan, address and other biometric data of all residents of the country. So it’s important that all the details on your aadhar card are 100% true. In case there is any error on your aadhaar, you can simply update it using Aadhar Card Correction Online procedure.   

Aadhaar card is without a doubt one of the most significant document in the country. It is definitely turning out to be a very insightful scheme by the government, which has eliminated the need for people to carry dozen of documents to verify their identity and address.

aadhar card correction online

Aadhaar Card as Futurist Vision
It has really helped in simplifying our life, by easing multiple government procedures be it opening a new bank account, or making a passport. Indian citizens no longer have to wait for days. Now with a valid aadhar card, anyone get his/her passport within 10 days.   
Now government has made it mandatory for every Indian citizen to link their aadhar number with their Bank accounts as well as their PAN card, which is an amazing initiative, which can potentially eliminate corruption from the country. Aadhar card has also eliminated the risk of frauds and the production of fake ids in the country, which will likely also decrease the crime in the country to a significant ratio.

Now that we talked about all the benefits of the Aadhar, it will likely motivate you to update and correct your aadhar card information. Aadhar Card Correction Online is not merely about updating your aadhar information but it is about keeping a right record with the government. How will you react if your, driving license or Passport has your name wrong? You will try to change and update it as soon as possible. Right. Well the same thing goes with aadhar card. Now you don’t have to stand in queues to wait for hours or bribe the officers to update your aadhar. You can make Aadhar Card Correction Online by sitting in the comfort of your home, making a couple of clicks without any hassle. So what are you waiting for update your aadhaar card today and prove yourself as a responsible citizen.

Aadhar Card Correction Online Procedure
Aadhar card being the most crucial document in the nation needs to be maintained and updated frequently. We recommend users to update even the slightest details on their, be it a change in their mobile number, email address or house address, to steer clear from any future hassle. Today aadhar card is linked to pretty much every important government document in the country, so its rational you keep it as update as possible. Thanks to UIDAI online services you can users can make Aadhar Card Correction Online, with just a few clicks.   

aadhar card correction online

Steps for Aadhar Card Correction Online
Step 1: You will require a computer, an internet connection and your aadhar card.
Step 2: Go to the official website of Aadhar card that is uidai.
Step 3: Now for updating any information on your aadhar card, first login on the official website, through your Aadhar number. Note that users will get an OTP code, which will be sent to their registered aadhar card mobile number.
Note: Users can only make Aadhar Card Correction Online, if their mobile number is registered with their aadhar card. If the user wants to update his/her mobile number than he/she will have to visit the nearest aadhar center, as most online aadhar services are verified through an OTP procedure, which is either sent to users mobile or email. All aadhar online services are operated through the same procedure so, make sure to update your mobile and email with your aadhar if you haven’t already.

Step 4: After logging in on the website, file for a Data update Request, by reviewing all your registration details that are mentioned in your aadhar card.  
Note: The aadhar user will receive an aadhar request on their mobile number while registering for the Aadhar Card Correction Online request. Make sure to save this number properly as this will help you in checking your Aadhar update status on the official website of the aadhar card.
Step 5: Now the page will demand you to upload certain documents for verifying all the information updated by you. Government officials will need these documents to verify the user’s authentication.
Step 6: Now a BPO service will help and guide you move further in the process, rechecking your details and before initiating any changes or updates.
Step 7: Once you are satisfied with all the details, click on submit. Congratulations your update request has been submitted. Now all your details will be verified and analyzed by the government before making these updates. The users will be updated regarding the process throughout the procedure. The whole process can take about one to two weeks depending on the update details.
Users can also track the progress of their Aadhar Card Correction Online, by using this link.

aadhar card correction online

Note that it is important for all Indian residents to keep their aadhar card information update, else they might get in a lot of trouble. Your aadhaar card is linked to pretty much every significant government document today which makes aadhaar card extra relevant and important in the country. We are sure you don’t want to get entangled in a court case for fake providing information on your aadhaar card. So, you better make any necessary Aadhar Card Correction Online right now to eliminate all these risk of getting in a messed up trouble.

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