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Thursday 20 July 2017

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Aadhaar Card Privacy Issues You should Be Aware Of

Aadhaar  Card Privacy Issues You should Be Aware Of
As much as we value Aadhaar card and all its linkages, as an Aadhaar card user, you must also be aware of the Aadhaar card privacy issues that can happen once you begin using Aadhaar card or linking it to your PAN card. The linking between Aadhaar card and PAN card has now been made mandatory, increasing the risk of Aadhaar card privacy issues that the user would have to deal with.

1.      Easy  Tracking Less Privacy
The first thing you should be clear about is the fact that Aadhaar card makes use of our biometrics, like finger prints and retina scans, these are the details that never change, and can be used to track you from anywhere. This not only increases Aadhaar card privacy issues, but also leaves you with little scope of being untraceable.
2.      Pan Card Linking and Aadhaar Card Privacy Issues
After the Aadhaar card and Pan card linking rule came out, getting all details of anybody’s bank accounts has become very easy for the government. When your PAN card is linked with your Aadhaar card, the details of not just one, but all of your bank accounts can be obtained with just one click. This also makes you prone to Aadhaar card related identity thefts, as there are insufficient provisions to keep all the user data safe and secure.

Although it has all these privacy issues, one cannot deny the importance of Aadhar card as an ID proof. Download Aadhar card is one of the areas people are not clear about. To know more on any topic related to Aadhar card, visit Aadhar Card help


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