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Thursday 22 June 2017

How to Check your Aadhaar Card Update Status

           How to Check your Aadhaar Card Update Status

Aadhaar Card is one of the most crucial documents in India. It is the only identification proof that helps government have a record of biometrics of every citizen in the country. Aadhaar card is rapidly getting popular as more and more companies and sectors are making it an identification standard. Life can get very complex for you if you are an Indian citizen, but don’t have an Aadhar Card. Even banks have made it mandatory for everyone to submit their Aadhaar and PAN details with their financial institutes if they want to continue using their bank accounts.
Note: It is also necessary that the information mentioned in both these documents match else, you might have to face some problems.
We have already discussed and explained the process that allows Aadhaar Users to update and match their Aadhaar and PAN Card detail. You can learn this process by clicking here. This article will guide to check the update status of Aadhaar Card information.

               Step To check your Aadhaar Update Status

Step 1: Before starting your computer make sure that you have your Aadhaar Number and URN (Update Request Number).

Note: URN (Update Request Number) is the number that was generated when you filed with Aadhar to update your Aadhaar Card information.

Step 2: Open the official website of Aadhaar or just click here.

Step 3: Now Select the Check Update Status under the Aadhaar Update category.

Step 4: Now enter your Aadhaar Number and URN in the given space.

Step 5: Now enter the correct text verification and click on Get Status.

Now your Aadhaar Card update status will be available on your screen.


  1. I deleted my URN number by mistake. How to proceed further?

    1. Thanks for your Comment Reger!
      First we would advice you to check your E-aadhaar on UIDAI's official website, to check whether the update has been implemented on your aadhaar card or not.
      If your aadhaar card update has not been initiated that you should make an update request again, only this time ensure to keep your URN properly, as it is essential for checking the update status of aadhaar.
      For any further query you can refer to our website or contact aadhaar helpline 1800-300-1947.