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Thursday 25 May 2017

Steps to Update Your Aadhaar Card Details

                Steps to Update Your Aadhaar Card Details

If you have changed your email account or your mobile number, but didn't bother to update it on your Aadhaar card, or your identification card, which is used by Indian government for verifying its citizens, then you made a big mistake. One of the most important things, whenever you change your personal details, or contact details; is to update these changes on your ID proofs. And now that Aadhar cards have become one of the most essential identification proof, getting your information updated on it, is all the more important. This not only makes it easier for people to reach you in the time of emergency, but also ensures that all your details are verified.

            Why Should You Update Your Details For Aadhaar Card?

The first thing we need to clear with is, updating is not only about entering the latest information, but also making the necessary changes or corrections wherever required. How will you feel if your Passport has your name wrong? The same holds true for other id proofs as well. And when you know the ease of process that has been provided to users by the website, allowing them to register for updates online, you certainly would not refuse to make updates if needed. The process of update might be a little lengthy, and not as quick as other processes, but it is certainly as smooth as all other services you are offered on the UIDAI website.

           Steps To Update And Verify Your Email ID Mobile Number


Step #1 – You can either visit government official site or just click here, to get directed to the official UIDAI page for making updates to your mobile number or email ID.

Step #2 – For updating your mobile or email or any other information, first you need to login to the website using your Aadhaar number, which will be verified through an OTP code via mobile text.

Note - You can only apply for online Aadhaar updates, if you have a registered mobile number with the Aadhaar. In case you have to update your mobile number, you will have to visit the government office, as it is mandatory to have a verified registered email or mobile number on your Aadhaar, to use these online benefits. As the site uses one time password method, this is sent on user mobile number itself.

Step #3 – After getting logged in, you can apply for the Data update request, by rechecking all the registered information under your Aadhaar number.

Step #4 – In order to verify the updated information, you will be required to upload a few documents for authentication purposes for the government.

Step #5 – A BPO service will guide you through processes, rechecking the details, before further initiating these updates or changes.

Step #6 – Click submit, and your update request will get submitted, which will be analyzed by the government before getting any sanction. You will be updated regarding the process, which can take about a week or two.

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