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Thursday 25 May 2017

Steps To Retrieve Your Lost Aadhaar Number Or Enrollment Number

                      Steps To Retrieve Your Lost Aadhaar Number Or Enrollment Number

Have you lost your Aadhar card number? The Aadhar slip that generates a proof of your citizenship and existence in the country contains a special card number, which is generated for every citizen. It is always a hassle to retrieve such official documents if lost. However, if you somehow manage to lose your Aadhaar number, you do not have to worry, as this article will explain the retrieving process for this document. You can get your lost Aadhaar number through offline as well as online means.
It is a simple process which requires you to follow simple steps, given below. Usually this process can take about week or two, to get ready for download, depending on the conditions and the information given by the user.

                                            Step to retrieve Aadhaar Card: Online Process

Step 1 – Visit the official government website to retrieve your EID/UID by clicking here.      

Step 2 - Once you have opened the link, you will see an information box. You have to report to receive your lost Aadhaar number (UID) or enrollment number (EID), by selecting amongst any of these options.

Step 3 – This form demands you to enter some basic details about yourself, to ensure that you are not taking any sort of advantage of a person or government services. This usually includes your full name, mobile number, email, which further leads you towards receiving an OTP, which is sent to your phone. 

Note: You are required to fill the same email address and number that you have mentioned on your lost Aadhaar document. In case your number doesn't match the last contact information, then the OTP received by you won’t authorize further process.

Step 4 – Type the OTP on the provided column, which you have received on your phone via SMS, and click on ‘verify’, below the OTP column.

Step 5 – After the completion of verification process, you will receive your enrollment number or Aadhaar number, which ever document you applied for on your email or mobile via text.
You can use this information given to you, to further download your Aadhaar documents by clicking here.

1. Your registered email and mobile details on the lost form should be used while applying for the Aadhaar or enrollment number.
2. In case you have not registered a mobile number, or other contact details while you enrolled for Aadhaar. You are recommended to get it registered by paying a visit at Permanent Enrollment Center.
3. In case you are not sure if you had registered with a email id or mobile number, you can simply verify it by clicking here.
4. You can update your contact details, in case you made any changes by following the process, which you will get directed to by clicking here.

For any further inquiries or information about Aadhaar card rules and regulation or verifications, you can visit the official site set by Indian government by just clicking here.

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