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Thursday 25 May 2017

How to verify your mobile and email on Aadhaar Card

How to verify your mobile and email ID for Aadhaar Card

Majority of Indian citizens, have a valid Aadhaar Card; however, the majority of them ignore the verification of their email and mobile number, registered with the government. We often consider this process unnecessary, but it is something that comes handy in multiple situations, for example, the one where you lose your Aadhaar Number, and wish to retrieve it. The first thing you will need to complete this process is a registered mobile number.

And since the mobile number and email ID are usually the most used forms of communication by a majority of users, verifying the email is equally important. This is why you have been given this option on the official UIDAI website. Here we are talking about getting one of the most important id proofs, which can be linked to bank accounts as well. Therefore all details mentioned in Aadhaar card should not only be original but also verified to the extent possible.

          Steps to Verify your email ID and mobile number.

Step #1 Click here to get directed to the official Aadhaar web site's for verification. Once you reach the site, you will have to enter certain details, like phone number, Aadhar number, and more.

Step #2 – Enter all your personal details requested in this verification form. This includes your Aadhaar number, which you can find on your card, your email ID, and mobile number, which were registered during the enrollment.

Step #3 – Next, click on Get one time password, which generates an OTP digital code that you will receive on your mobile, via text.

Step #4 – Now enter your OTP code in security code column and click on verify to complete the process.

This will bring the process of verification of your details to an end, and will also bring you at peace, to know that the details you have entered are all verified.

    Why it is important to verify Email ID and Mobile Number?

  • In order to retrieve you lost Aadhaar, you are required to fill a form, which demands your contact information including mobile number and email ID. It is not uncommon to lose your Aadhaar number, and if you do not have a registered or verified mobile number, retrieving it can become a challenge.
  • Even for downloading your E Aadhaar, you are required to type a verified OTP code, which is sent to your registered phone number via text. OTP is required for multiple stages of online Aadhar services, therefore having a verified mobile and email will only help you, that too in more than one way.
  • User verified contact details can come handy in multiple cases. You will be preventing future time loss by investing a few minutes today by just verifying your details, on the official verification tab of the government website. This can be done within 2 minutes.
  • This verification is a mandatory requirement to avail online services for your Aadhaar card, so make sure you not miss out on this process.

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