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Thursday 25 May 2017

Get your Aadhaar on your Mobile Number

Today everyone is using a Mobile and it is thus quite logical that you should be able to access Aadhaar services on a Mobile phone.

In order to apply for Aadhaar services on your mobile phone, you need to enroll for an Aadhaar card. Enrollment ID is a mandatory requirement for registering your mobile number with the official website of Aadhaar. Enrollment ID is a 14 digit number, which can be found on the acknowledgement slip, including this, the user is also asked to fill the exact date and time of the enrollment, which is also available on the enrollment ID.

                                                 Steps to activate Aadhaar on Mobile:

Step #1 – Click here to get directed to Aadhaar activation form Window.
Step #2 – Fill in all the details demanded in the form. This form demands enrollment sanctioning date and time with the allotted ID and user mobile phone number.
Step #3 – Now enter the security code, to receive a onetime password, which will be sent to registered mobile number via text.
Step #4 – Now enter the OTP and submit the form, wait till you receive another message on your phone confirming Aadhaar activation on your mobile.

Note - It is mandatory to have a registered mobile number on your Aadhaar to avail online benefits from its website. You can verify register your number by visiting a Permanent Enrollment Center (PAC).


  1. my aadhar card is lost. My aadhar number is 9475 0451 9594. my registered number is land line no. 2526774 but this number is not a working. how to get me duplicate adhar.

    1. Thanks for your comment Biji John!
      Your can always download an E-aadhaar which is a digital copy of your aadhaar card. And we would also like to recommend you to submit an FIR about your aadhaar card, so that it is not used for any illegal purposes.
      Follow the steps mentioned in this link to download your E-aadhaar:

  2. i have to change my mobile no & father name wrongly issued in aadhaar. how can i change

  3. To correct Aadhaar Card details like changing mobile number or father name - the easiest way is to visit the nearest Aadhaar center. Please visi FAQ Section on Official UIDAI site. "For any online update request, including updation of mobile number, resident should already have an active number registered with UIDAI where person can receive OTP SMS and authenticate himself/herself. Otherwise you would need to visit nearest UIDAI permanent Enrolment centre"

  4. Yes it is possible - visit nearest UIDAI permanent Enrolment centre. If you have a registered mobile no, the update may be possible online too. visit the official UIDAI site for more details