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Thursday 25 May 2017

Download Aadhaar Tab

                                                                Download Aadhaar Tab

When you have made up your mind that you need to get an Aadhaar card for yourself, and have also found an enrollment center near you; you need to go and enroll yourself to be an Aadhaar applicant. This can be done for free, as there are no charges for enrolling yourself as an Aadhaar applicant. After you have enrolled as an applicant of Aadhaar card, you can track the status of your application online. And if you come across a situation, where your Aadhaar card is ready to be delivered, but has yet not been delivered, you can opt for downloading the eAadhaar.

What is E- Aadhaar?
E-Aadhaar is nothing but the soft copy or the digital version of your Aadhaar card, which can be used in situations where you urgently need your Aadhaar card, but it is still in the process of completion or has yet not been delivered. E Aadhaar is as relevant as your Aadhaar card, and can very well act as a perfect substitute to your Aadhaar card. This can be downloaded for free, and then printed. But downloading this will be possible only when your application has reached the last stage and only the delivery part is left, which is getting delayed due to some reason.

If you have an eAadhaar, you can show it anywhere you require to show your Aadhaar card. The eAadhaar will be downloaded in the form of a PDF, which will be password protected, and the password will be nothing but your city or area pin code. So if you find that your eAadhaar has been password protected, do not panic, as the password is nothing you are not aware of already. These steps and measures go on to indicate how important it is to have an Aadhaar today, and that obtaining it has been made a lot easier, to ensure its availability for all.

How can you download Aadhaar online?
Downloading Aadhaar can be done in two ways. You can either opt for downloading Aadhaar through the use of your Aadhaar number, or through the use of your enrollment id (EID). The acknowledgement slip that you get when you enroll yourself for getting an Aadhaar card will have the Aadhaar number, as well as the enrollment number. The Aadhaar number can be used for downloading the eAadhaar and the enrollment number along with the date and time of your enrollment will form the EID. Which in-turn can be used for downloading eAadhaar.

You can download eAadhaar either ways, by clicking on the download eaadhaar tab on the official UIDAI website. A key thing you should keep in mind while downloading eAadhaar is that you should have Adobe reader in your desktops, as that is the only software which will open the PDF. In the absence of this software, you will not even be able to open the document, let alone printing or downloading it. And if you are able to download the eAadhaar, you can get it printed and use it till your Aadhaar card gets delivered. 

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