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Thursday 25 May 2017

Download Aadhaar Card Through Aadhaar Number

                       Download Aadhaar Card Through Aadhaar Number

Apart from the steps to download Aadhaar card through enrollment ID, you can also opt for downloading the eAadhaar through Aadhaar number. This is very similar to the steps you have to follow while making use of enrollment number for downloading the E- Aadhaar. The difference between the two is precisely of the number used, the rest of the procedure continues to remain the same to a large extent. This process can also be done as quickly as the other one, and is equally simplistic. The requirement of both the processes is also similar to a great extent. When you have your mobile number and Aadhaar number with you; you can begin the process of downloading e-Aadhaar through Aadhaar number in the following steps.

Steps To Download Aadhaar Card Through Aadhaar Number
Step 1. Go to the official UIDAI website, and go to the download Aadhaar option.

Step 2. After you click on Download Aadhaar option, you will come across the E Aadhar window. 
Here you will have to select either of the two options for downloading the e Aadhaar. You can choose from Enrollment ID and Aadhaar Number. The Aadhaar number option is being described here.

Step 3. After you click on Aadhaar Number, you will have to enter the 24 digit number in the very first column that appears in front of you.

Step 4. After entering the Aadhaar number, you can proceed towards filling the next field, which is the one where you need to enter your full name. This should be similar to what you wrote in your enrollment form, and is also listed on your acknowledgement slip.

Step 5. After entering your name, proceed towards entering your pin code. Make sure you enter the correct pin code as this might be the password of the PDF file you are about to download.

Step 6. Once you have entered your pin code, you then need to make sense of the image in front of you, and enter the text in the image in the subsequent field. This is one of the crucial steps, and you will not be able to proceed unless you enter correct details.

Step 7. Once you have correctly entered the text shown in the image, you will then receive the OTP, on your already registered mobile number.
* This is the key differentiating point between the two different methods of downloading Aadhaar card. The Enrollment ID method provides you an option to enter the most recent mobile number; while the Aadhaar number option will use the number you gave at the time of registration for sending the OTP.

Step 8. Once you have received the OTP, enter it, and proceed towards validating it, and then moving on to download the E Aadhaar.

The eAadhar you download will be in the form of a PDF that will make use of Adobe reader for opening, so make sure you have the software in your device. Also, the document will be protected with a password. This password will be the pin code you entered, at the time of enrollment. Enter it again to access your eAadhar, and get it printed. 

Note: There are alternate way for aadhar card download

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