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Monday 22 May 2017

Check Your Complaint Status

                                                     Check Your Complaint Status

Aadhaar Card offers Indian public to create complaints on the official website and also through mobile. This facility is provided by Aadhaar website, to ensure the user comfort and satisfaction. But what happens after you have filed your complaint? How does it progress? And is it really efficient to give you any results? Well, their official website offers a service using which you can check everyday status, of your complaint, following its status throughout the process.

Indian government has adapted this new form of website dealing, to ensure a better public experience, with a more interactive user interface. Aadhaar website uses a simple protocol, where you can check the status of your complaint. You can file complaints on their website, with just one click here.
Aadhaar acts an identification proof to Indian citizens, which makes it important. Taking its importance into consideration, government is also active and takes every issue concerning the subject with an non negotiable approach. Here is a guide to simple steps which can help to to check the status of your complaint.

Steps to Check Complain status
Step #1 – Click here and you will be directed to complaint checking page. You will be directed to the page complain status page.
Step #2 – Fill the case or complaint ID, which was generated and given to you during the time when you were filing your complain. Here Case ID acts as a complain Id, which is automatically generated and provided to the user, when somebody files a complaint.
Step #3 – Now enter the security code displayed on the screen, then finally click on the button placed on the bottom of screen titled ‘Check Status’.
This will generate the current status of your complaint, showing whether any thought has been put into your complaint or not.

Note :
1. Complaint ID is a mandatory requirement in order to check the complaint status, arising from your issue. So ensure to keep the complaint ID which generated at the time you filed the complaint; safely with yourself.
2. Complaint is allotted in a numerical form to the users, at the time of the registration.
3. In case, there is no action taken against your complaint for a long time, ensure to type in a new complain mentioning the complaint ID of your previous complaint. You can also use their helpline service to get a better response, in case you are not satisfied with the online service.
4. Your feedback is appreciated, so in case they are able to deliver you with proper customer support make sure give a feedback on their services.

These complaints are actually helping Aadhaar in transforming into a better website, learning from use complains, figuring out a solution for them. They have transformed into online office, which used more online than offline, for its multiple services.

In case any other further query relation to the subject you can contact their toll free helpline service at 1947, or by simply visiting Aadhaar’s official website by clicking here.

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