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Monday 22 May 2017

Aadhaar Card Charges

                                                                    Aadhaar Card Charges

Aadhaar Cards acts as an identification proof for Indian citizens, which is widely used throughout the nation. It is a necessary requirement today to start or get into any operational setting, established by public or private sector.

As per the revision of laws on 10th December 2016, Indian authority has decided to charge a nominal amount for generating, updating or using Aadhaar card for any personal means.
The law has been actively practiced, across the nation since getting implemented on 1st January 2017.


Charges for multiple services are as follows.
1. Aadhaar Generation – Rs. 50 (Paid to registrars)
2. Mandatory biometric Update – Rs. 25 (Paid to registrars)
3. Demographic Update – Rs. 25 (Collected by service provider)
4. Find Aadhaar/ Aadhaar Search through eKYC or any other tool (colored A4 sheet) – Rs. 20 (Collected by service provider)
5. Find Aadhaar/ Aadhaar Search through eKYC or any other tool (Black and white A4 sheet) – Rs. 10 (Collected by service provider)
6. Other Biometric update – Rs 25 (Collected by service provider)
7. BFD/ Status Query – Free of charge

These policy guidelines stand for modification anytime by the Indian government. As of now, Aadhaar’s official website has listed them accordingly, which you can go through, by clicking here

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