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Thursday 18 May 2017

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Aadhaar Card And PAN Details Do Not Match - How To Correct?

Aadhaar Card And PAN Details Do Not Match - How To Correct?

Tax department has online facilities for its users to correct their PAN and Aadhaar details. Now you can use this online service, by simply linking you Aadhaar number with PAN. This can come in handy for e-verifications, for your tax returns through OTP verification, which is a onetime password that is sent your registered Aadhaar mobile number.
According to Tax Department, in case, you have different name or address on your PAN and Aadhaar, then this service won’t be available for you and the user will get prompted to change this information in either of their databases. This facility is exclusively launched for taxpayers, to easily correct any errors in their Aadhaar document and PAN (Permanent Account Number).   

Changing or Correcting Aadhaar or PAN

Note: First and foremost ensure to link your Aadhaar card number with your PAN Account, which you can do now by going to their website. Tax Department has provided two hyperlinks for these services.

Changing Online PAN Details

1. – This link will allow you to update and rectify your exciting PAN data. Indian as well as foreign citizens can also apply for new PAN using this link.

Changing Online Aadhaar Information

2. This second link is designed for users, who want to change their Aadhaar details. Users can simply log in to their ‘Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal’, using their unique identity or Aadhaar number. Users will be requested to upload scanned documents in order to provide prove for the updated data, to ensure to keep these documents ready.    

Connecting Aadhaar Number with PAN Card

Income Tax department has launched a separate e-filing page on its homepage, which allows taxpayers to link their Aadhaar information with PAN Card details.
You can link your accounts by clicking here.

Note: Users with different name on either of these cards won’t be able to take benefits of this service. So we recommend you to match all your information in both these important documents.

Important Facts 

Anyone can link their Aadhaar with their PAN. Users don’t need to be logged in or registered on the e-filing website of the tax department. This link requires the user to key in their PAN number, Aadhaar number and name, in the exact way; it has been mentioned on user’s Aadhaar Card.  This process can take a few minutes as the data will be verified with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), before the linking is confirmed.

According to Finance Act 2017, the government has passed a mandatory clause for taxpayers, who have to quote their Aadhaar or Aadhaar enrollment ID form, in order to file a ITR (Income Tax Return).      

The Income Tax Department has made it mandatory for every user to link or verify their Aadhaar before applying for PAN (Permanent Account number), which will come in effect by 1st July, 2017 .

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